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One Way

One way rides you'll need alternate transport either before or after.

Oaks + Mt Portal

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The Oaks

From Woodford down the Oaks adding on Mount Portal

Starting up at Woodford, ride down the Oaks firetrail. Ride down the Oaks single track until you hit a Firetrail and turn right. This will take you back out onto the Oaks Firetrail. Turn left and then right again. Signs will guide you to Mount Portal. There is a tough climb but the two lookouts make it worth while. Once you have taken in the views, return the way you came back to the single track and enjoy the rest of your ride to Glenbrook.

Bungleboori to Capertee

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Newnes Plateau

Great ride across Newnes state forest and Gardens of Stone NP

This ride does cross Private property and permission needs to be sort from the owners of Pantoney Station.

We utilised a big car shuttle startin gat the Bungleboori picnic ground and finishing at the Capertee servo on the Mudgee rd, however Dave Noble lists it as an over night loop ride starting at Lithgow and camping near Capertee.

Pretty mush the whole ride is on fire rds but there a some very fun section and a plethora of spectacular views.

Oaks one way + Pisgah Rock

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The Oaks

Standard one way route with Pisgah Rock tagged on (turn right at the gate for an out and back).

Pisgah rock makes a nice and little used add on to the usual Oaks ride. Nice view at the end...

Pisgah Rock Lookout

The Oaks - One Way

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The Oaks

Classic Oaks route from Woodford to Glenbrook station via firetrail then sniggle and technical sections at the end.

This profile is a little deceptive because after climbing out to the rangers gate I turned round and went back down and across the causeway to meet the rest of the group. If you don't do that knock probably 100m and a few Km of the stats above.

Andersons + The Oaks

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Ride Database Entry: 
The Oaks

Tougher than it sounds - one way from Wentworth Falls to Glenbrook via Andersons and The Oaks.

Small side trip at Woodford to the store for some supplies. Apparently the Woodford store has now closed so the direct route is shown below:

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