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A short lap of Rydal

Rydal is cool in that you can link segments together in a myriad of different ways to keep it all fresh

This week we did out Jive Turkey, then crossed over to link in Robbies Run. Up Snake tails. Hard right and into Hazard County. Hard left and back along the dump run.

I caught lap on the gopro using a gimbal mounted to chesty

Lap 1

A little faster chasing Watto and Gav down Hazard County

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2013 Sheep Station Fiddy K Results

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OK all thanks for coming out and making it such a great day.

The Prelim results are attached. I think I might have stuffed up the 25km and pairs podium so apologies to those effected.

If any one thinks there is a mistake in the results let me know and I'll look into it.

Without wanting to turn this into a pat on the back fest there are a few people we need to thank.

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smarter race. almost

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Every week I head out to Rydal, set up the track and tell myself "I'm not going to sprint off the start this week. I haven't got that fitness."

Every week I line up at the start (no warm up), give the speech, say "Every one ready, set, Go!"

Every week we take off the red mist descends and I bust my gut to get a good spot into the single track, send my heart rate through the roof and then blow up trying to keep my spot.

every week I die in the arse in the second or third lap, get heart rate back under control then come home strongish but suffering

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Wet Day at Rydal

Had a fun day out with the boys, not too many takers due to the pouring rain... but the Chocolate Foot people were there to film some footage of our illustrious leader and our awesome track for the upcoming 8hr Smiling


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Tuesday Night Racing: It's back!!!

It's that time of year again, summers on the way. Days are getting longer and the Rydal pub is sorely missing us...

Anyway Tuesday night racing starts again on Tuesday the 6th of september. We're running fortnightly til Daylight saving kicks in then going weekly

Check out the info in the calendar for more details

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Club race video

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Quick bit of video from one of our club races.

Was taken with the contour set up under the seat looking back. Hope you enjoy

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Tough day on the bike

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I knew I hadn't done as much riding as I would have liked leading into this one but I was feeling pretty good and was reasonably confident.

I got off to a good start up the fire trail and entered the single trail in the lead and settled down into a tempo and rhythm I was comfortable with.

Back out on the fire trail Beggsie blasts past near the top of the hill. I was feeling good and thought of challenging but in my last race (round #1) I rode much better by just sticking to my own tempo so Beggs hits the main ST a little in front of me.

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Newtons Nation Fuel TV slot

The piece put together by the newtons guys went to air the other day. For those that missed it they put it up on the youtubes.

Links from the Newtons site. Ther are 4 parts and some other vids linked in here

,Little bits peppered all through but the main MTB segment is in the second half of part 2 here

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Clockwise Short track Challenge

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Starting on the fire road at the edge of the SF. Up the Bicentennial trail to the start of Ants Pants, follow this down to the bottom fire rd ned the train track. Up here to the start of Rags to Rich's. back up to the Bicentennial trail and up to the start of Snake Skin then back down to where you started.

Should get faster the more it beds in

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