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Sheep Station Cup 24-04-2016

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The Sheep Station Cup was born from the idea of having an event that linked up the usual extended XC loop with some of the other trails in the Lidsdale Forest out the back of Rydal

The original used a 25km loop with options of 1 or 2 laps and offered the winners the coveted Sheep Station in the form of the now rare Squatters Board game.

For 2016 we are introducing more options

The Fiddy K: 50kms
The Middy K: 25kms
and the Kiddy K: 10km

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2013 Sheep Station Fiddy K Results

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OK all thanks for coming out and making it such a great day.

The Prelim results are attached. I think I might have stuffed up the 25km and pairs podium so apologies to those effected.

If any one thinks there is a mistake in the results let me know and I'll look into it.

Without wanting to turn this into a pat on the back fest there are a few people we need to thank.

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