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Blue Mts

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The Duke

Another great vid by Scotty T featuring one of our hard working trail builders, awesome rider and all round top bloke Duke Newcombe


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Ah Scribblies

Is there some sort of temporal disturbace at Scribblies, some secret mountain magic that lets the down hill bit go for just about ever, berm after berm, corners that seem to loop back just past 360* without actually crossing back on them selves...

Then you get to the bottom resigned to long slog back up but you pop out onto the fire trail, 2 pedal gets you up the small pinch and you have a short flat pedal back to the start to pick another track and do it all again.

Big props to the trail fairies, they done alright and more than alright.

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Don't push me

Cause I'm close - to - the - edge.

Mick a little closer to the cliff than I was comfortable with

Blackheath Rocks

At a Glance

Blackheath Rocks Gallery

At 1,065m Blackheath is the highest village along the great western highway (Bell is the only village with in the BMCC area that is higher). There are several options for rides in the area, this description is for the two out and back firetrail rides named Hanging Rock and Anvil Rock - in the one place here as they are so close and similar.

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Blue Mts Trails need your help

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In line with the advocacy work that a number of local riders have undertaken with the Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) at Old Bathurst Road (OBR) and Nichols Pde [Here]. The Bushland Management area of BMCC is in the process of drafting submissions to council to recommend for or against continued access to OBR and Nichols.

The Nichols pde site has been targeted for closure with BMCC reps’ views of OBR being more positive, but still unsecured.

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Blue MT Council Draft Bike Plan

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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I thought a few of you might be interested in this.

I haven't had a chance to read it just yet so I have no idea if it is positive towards MTB or not

The blurb


Best Mountain Bike