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End of an Era

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By Flynny - Posted on 23 October 2019

So for the last how ever many years Rob has generously hosted our website on his Global riders network.

However he upped and moved to France several years ago and with him gone the other sites such as Nobmob kinda fell into disuse, especially with strava and trailforks taking over the trail network guides.

Anyway with rising costs and a general lack of use Rob has come to the conclusion he is no longer able to host the system and thus the website will soon go off line.

We thank Rob for his generosity and efforts in building, hosting and maintaining the website over almost a decade

at this stage we have no plans to move the site to another server. You'll find event info and results and stuff on our facebook as well as sites like rotorburn.

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.... but not unexpected I suppose. Thanks Rob and the other moderators for the effort involved in getting it up and running and keeping it relevant for such a long time.

Some of the ride info is pretty dated now, but it also covers a lot of "old fashioned" mountain biking - just getting out there and riding whatever sort of tracks are available. Not all of that is on TrailForks, which seems more about mtb specific tracks (with some exceptions). So a chunk of mtb IP will be lost, but I suppose that's an opportunity for new explorers to get out there.

On a more personal note, if anyone is listening, is there any way to easily download my blog, so that my musings are not lost to me forever? Eye-wink

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