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2017 4 Seasons Series

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By Flynny - Posted on 24 January 2017

Ah, the end of the quarter, BAS, quarterly tax, paper work... But it wasn't always so.

Remember when life was simple? Remember when you rode your bike to have a good time?
When you rode because it felt good and the company you rode with and the tracks you rode were more important than having 1000 categories to choose from and a big list of swag to win.

Well CTMBC are taking it back.

We're stripping away all the hype and complications and just having a fun series of 3hr races celebrating the seasons.

It's back for another year and the good news is we are making it cheaper Entry's will be just $15 and stay tuned for an exiting announcement a Saturday prequal event.....

Sunday 19th March

Sunday 11th June

Sunday 17th September (WSMTb hosting this one at Yellowmundi)

Plus Christmas Party
9th and 10th December

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2 direct clashes and one the day before CX with WSMTB. Do you know which one is most likely to be the Central West interclub? I only missed Dubbo last year, wouldn't mind trying again at them all.

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Unfortunately clashes are hard to avoid now days. I'll talk to Phil and Matt about the interclub

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Thanks - these look great. Just double checking the June date is definitely Sunday 11th? In the original schedule given out at the Christmas 3 hour it was down for Monday June 12 so just want to confirm. Ta

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Any decision about the clash of dates for 4 Seasons spring race & WSMTB Interclub race?

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Thanks to CTMBC it's now the same race..

WSMTB are holding the Interclub at Yellowmundee in lieu of CTMBC's Spring 3hr and we have moved our normal XC club race and XC club champs down the calendar a bit further.

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