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2016-2017 Tuesday night racing. Rydal

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By Flynny - Posted on 23 August 2016

Tuesday Night Racing at Rydal.

It's bunch of fun

We are fairly relaxed, A grade just means you do more laps, and we encourage every one to have a go.

We don't have podiums or prizes so it's all about getting out there and competing against your own time and your mates and then laughing about it at the BBQ afterwards.

So don't be intimidated by the "race" tag. We all just go out to do our best.

Doing the higher grade with more laps will gain you more series points.

There is a shorter track for juniors when we run the longer loops

Women and kids under 16 get free race entry (License fees apply)

Also the come and try incentive is back too, so your first race entry with us is free.

If you are not an MTBA member they are offering 2 month free membership trials so follow the link, sign on up and your insurance will be covered for the trial period. otherwise you will need a $20 day license

If you could click the star to show your intention of coming so we get an idea of numbers that would be great.

6:30 race start so 5:30pm rego opens, if you are new or need to renew your license please turn up earlier rather than later.

Racing starts at 6:30pm

Lights are a must from outside day light savings and through to Late October for those doing the full distance so you wont be able to start unless you have atleast one working front light during those times

We recommend at least a 5w halogen equivalent, Helmet mount yo help see around corners.
The Club has access to spare lights (Donated by our friends at Kables auto electric) so if you want to try be for you buy contact us early to book them and we'll make sure they are charged and ready to go.

Catch you there

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