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" Hidden Valley Classic"

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By Stringybark - Posted on 04 August 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

It's one hell of a ride !!...Sunday 18th Sept at Coolah with 30-60-90k options.
Over 90% of exhilarating singletrack which can be ridden one day of the year only.
Entries are limited, so don't miss out.
For information click onto link below or google Coolah Bikeworx.

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Is it possible to ride the track on the day before the race (Sat 17th).
If not, is there anywhere else to ride in the area.

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The "Hidden Valley" track cannot be ridden on the day before the race, however, there are plenty of other places to ride.
The Coolah Common...13ks of singletrack on the edge of town...all ages.
The Coolah Tops ride which includes a 265mtr altitude gain in the first 3ks.
Pandora Pass...70kph or more down hill.
The Mt Hope challenge, Neilrex Rd, Woolshed Hill, Gundare Loop & others as well.
There's more than enough to wear you out !!

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Lots of water, lots of trees down...but that was then...this is now & it's good to go !!...but you'll need to be quick with your entry or you'll miss out...maybe forever,

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