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Convict 68Km 2016 race

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By 4flashgordon - Posted on 28 March 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I am going to do the convict 68KM, I did ride the last Convict 50km and the last Husky 50km.
Anyone who rode the 68km last year or other convict events I am interested in your thoughts and experience on the event.

1) They say that the 68km has single track in it, how technical is this single track and what pecentage is the single track too fire trail?

2) Does the 68km have the down hill section of the old 50km with the hazadous gutters in it?

3) Any hints on the canoe as I am keen on riding it.

4)I will be driving in on the morning of the event from winsor (west portland rd) will this cause me greaf with the 100km race?


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1) There is single track and from memory it isn't overly technical. The firetrail after the climb following the canoe bridge is another story... lots of rock steps and technical sections.

2) Not sure about the old 50K. The two main descents on the 68 are OK from memory. Certainly the decent down Womerah is smooth firetrap. The other descent was a bit rutted (although I like riding steep sketchy firetrail fast so maybe not the best judge.

3) The canoe bridge is much wider now - 4 planks. And being earlier in the ride (25k's in) there's not the fatigue to worry about.

4) My mate and I drove up in the morning last year for the 68K.Don;t remember exactly when we left / which direction we came although from emory there is guidance on the Convict web page.

Have fun. It's a great ride!!!

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The sections they call single track is just really worn out fire road where there may only be one good line. It is not like the single track between trees where you cold get stuck behind someone.

Just keep pedaling and looking ahead the the bridge will be fine.

I can't remember the last decent so it can't have been too bad.

You will probably have to drive in early to register.

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Yeh last time I drove up early enough to register, as I drove home I was passing some of the 100km straglers as they are going in reverce this time I will see these riders early in the 100km. I might aim to get there befor the 100km starts.

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