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RedAss NSW DH series #3 Lithgow Wrap

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By Flynny - Posted on 28 September 2015

What a weekend


, trail is dusty, none of the rain predicted through the week landed. Conversations amoung the trail crew went a lot like "If it doesn't rain tonight the trail is going to be blown to bits come racing."

Rain threatened, The Friday night the heavens openned a little.


Weather was miserable drizzlely rain that wasn't heavy, wasn't that cold but the longer you stood in it the more miserable it got.

Track was looking good, mostly. The modifications were getting sloppy and by mid day the A line into the step up was treacherous. Hauling some road base up in a wheelie bin improved things and by the end of practice the track was getting tacky and quick.

Tom Lewis gave a Mega Thunda rock a head butt that made Nick Shields tree butt from a few years ago seem like a gentle love tap. He got up dusted himself off, pushed back up and his next run through was the quickest I've seen anyone go through. Balls the size of watermellons

Sun was out. Trail was awesome, If anything the top was getting dusty again.

There was talk of gapping through the A line on Gravey... What?

I made my way up to catch the elites hit Gravey on their seeding run. Some elderly bush walkers made their way down from the lookout to check things out. I had a laugh at them wondering how you could ride down "that sloping rock" "They must zigzag down it" When Kingie came through on his way down to the mic duties they were astonished. when Joel and Jake came through and gaped the whole thing I'm pretty sure one of them had an orgasm "Ooo My, that's an adrenaline rush just watching"

Race went sooo smooth. Martin, Juliane and baby bump have got their events dialed with help from Tim, Colleen, Rick and all the rest.

Great to see the locals do so well

Joel Willis 1st
Tom Lewis 3rd (with a hefty crash)
Mal McManus 4th
Luke Newcomb 7th
Luke Walsh 10th
Dan Bender... the big boom up the hill was his tyre exploding just before right hand shred

Zack Hutchison 1st
Lleyton Lothian 4th
Jack Rowley 10th

Ethan Corney 1st
Pacey Stockton 3rd
Hayden Wittingslow 7th
Will Stockton 16th
Wade Thompson unfortunately DNF

TeeJay Clarke 3rd

Paul King 2nd

And not to forget the bloke I'm pretty sure is our longest serving continuous club member
Steve Coles 1st in the Grand Masters +60

Big thanks to all the trail crew and every one who helped marshal, set up and pack up. It was a great weekend

Here's a link to MOndrakers video of the weekend


and my little effort

Full results here

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