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Lake Canobolas MTB Park - (bridge) Build morning

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By grantd - Posted on 03 May 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Sunday, 17 May, 2015 - 09:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
If it's raining, I won't be there.
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Lake Canobolas Mountain Bike Park
Meeting Point: 

Front gate. Lake Canobolas Road. Opposite the entrance to Lake Canobolas.

Please DO NOT park on the side of the road here, if the gate is shut then park at the Lake and walk/ride across.

No Pets.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

We need to build some bridges (board walk really) across some bits that can get boggy.

If there's extra people we'll find some digging to do. You can stay and have a ride afterwards too. Let us know if you're thinking of coming so we get an idea of numbers (if you don't let us know then you can still turn up).

Access for the site is through the scout camp, please drive very slowly and be considerate through here.

Big thanks to Leo for all the expertise and design.

Team building event - Bridge No: 1 – 07/05/2015 – 9:00AM

This first proposed bridge is just after the sharp turn down the fire road back onto single track on Woggle Valley, location marked on the aerial photo here.

-Here is a Photo and rough sketch ( it will require a few diagonal braces also– will add those as required to take the wobble out of the Woggle )

- Length: 18 meters

- Width: 800mm minimum – based this on Al Giumelli’s original design – thank you Alan.

- The bridge should take in the existing flow of the single Track/Terrain

- Slight curves with inwards cambers to encourage maintaining of speed

- Widening at the bends up to 1100mm for safety and option to pick a line

- Top surface using the old pallets slats – we will need a team to strip these and remove the nails

- Final surface coating TBC ( non-slip coating )

Proposed Job Sequence:

PRE Start : 9:00 AM Sunday 17/05/2015

Tool box safety talk.

Split up teams and commence prep work:

Team 1 – Strip pallets and prepare timber slats and move to site

Mix Concrete as required for footings and fill

Team 2 – Mark out footings

Dig Footings & set out steel base structure and weld in place

Gal paint all welds

Team 3 – ( optional ) track work

Then if time permits:

Start from center of bridge outwards in both directions:

Team 1 & 2 working on fixing slats

Team 3 – dig & concrete in ramp up and down


Mark out the outer edges/curves of the bridge and cut to shape

Test ride and celebrate !!

Tools for People to bring on Sunday:

-Cordless Drills (with charged batteries)

-Clamps - if you have anything that opens up over 100mm

-Post hole shovels

-crow bars

-Concrete tub

-Claw hammer

-Jimmy bar

-Wheel barrow

-Track building tools (For digging we will have a few tools but please bring a fire rake, mattock and/or shovel if you have one.)


*Al Giumelli donated purlins for the bridges – thank you very much

*Jack – to bring water container, we will need at least 150 ltrs for the concrete mixing

*Grant – sort club tools and take up to site

*Concrete, cup head bolts & gal spray – will sort and email a price tomorrow for the club exec. to sign off

*RHS posts - Leo

*BBQ – need volunteers to organize


-Anyone working on power-tools: please bring a pair of safety glasses & earplugs or earmuffs

-Suggest everyone to bring a pair of gloves, we might find a few 8 legged natives under the pallets and rocks

-Long pants, shirts and protective boots

- PPE for welding and all metal works - all handled by Leo

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Just a late reminder for tomorrow's bridge build.

Note that access for the site is easiest through the scout camp, please drive very slowly and be considerate through here. Just follow the bitumen road up until you see the gravel road fork off up the hill to the right between a couple of plastic bollards.
Bridge location shown here:

We'll probably have spare people so we'll probably do some digging up near the bridge site too.

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