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The Big Give Away

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By Flynny - Posted on 31 March 2015

Big News.

CTMBC is giving away a trip for 2 for a 6 day MTB tour at Rotorua
It's going to be a random draw at the end of the year.
To get a ticket in the draw all you need to do is

  1. accumulate 10instances of either entering a club round, timing a club round or participating in an official trail maintenance day
  2. Enter or volunteer for the Sheep Stations Fiddy K
  3. enter or volunteer for one of the 4 season races

It's that simple.

Each time you achieve one of the above you get 1 ticket in the draw to be drawn at the end of the last 4 season race

For example, lets say through out the year you enter 7 club rounds and Time a club round and turn up to 2 official maintenance days. 7+1+2=10! you get 1 entry in the draw.

Then you enter the Sheep Stations Fiddy K. That's another entry, dagnabbit.

On top of that you help marshal or time one of the 4 seasons rounds. By golly that's another entry right there. Giving you 3 chances to win.

This is open to all our riders, volunteers and organisers and if that's not enough motivation to get you involved in the club you do know riding mountain bikes is fun anyway, yeah?

More details on the trip and draw and stuff later

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