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CTMBC club kit order

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By Flynny - Posted on 09 March 2015

A few people have been asking about another order for jersey, nix and other apparel so I've set up another order with Champion Systems.

The good news is you now order and pay for what you want yourself and at the end of the month it all ships together and I distribute it from there.

To place an order go to

and the team log in is
user: ctmbc
password: ctmbc

there is a 3D preview of the xc jersey here

everything else is based on the same design by Paul Whitfeld of fame

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This has been extended out until May6th

We need at least 10 orders for it to go ahead.

So far we have 2

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Ok we need at least 3 more oders before Champ Sys will submit it for printing.

There were lots of people asking about new jerseys, both XC and DH which is the reason I set the order up. If you are still keen r please jump on line and do it today and the deadline is midnight tonight.

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