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Jason English Helmet Cam

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By Fatboy - Posted on 19 February 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Just watched this video Jason English took of his first lap last week at the Ginja Ninja at Orange with his heart rate, power, cadence etc showing along the bottom of picture. Hopefully the link works.

I know I always feel like I’m going to drop dead in the first half lap of any of these races with my heart jumping out of my mouth so it was refreshing to see Jason had his heart doing over 180bmp for more than half the lap and his breathing sounded just like mine.

That’s where the similarities ended as he went on to chat to the rider with him (Kyle Ward?) as if they were on a casual ride with mates and finished the first lap about 15mins quicker than most of us could manage…

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That's awesome, love the telemetry!

I didn't enter the race but I did a few laps of the course on the Saturday. It's a great set of trails in Kinross and recommend anyone heading over that way take their bike.

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Great vid Awesome to see young Josh Corcoran mixing it with the pro's comes swinging past for a quick run down North Shore at the end

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.... and the heart rate. Shocked

Great footage. I wonder what he's using for dashware. The course profile showing what's coming up is impressive too.

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Felt like I was riding there with him....dream on right! Imagine having a virtual dashboard projecting out in front of the rider.....probably not too much time to examine the data?

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It's a Garmin VIRB camera, it collects the data and adds it to the video. Very cool for Jason to share this.

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could see the shadow of the camera in some the shots and thought it might have been a Contour since it was mounted on the side of his helmet but wouldn't have thought about the Virb since you don't hear much about this camera. very impressed with the comprehensive readout. some scary power numbers there! Eye-wink

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Simply Awesome

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of the superfly in front of him - very impressed with the risk taking of the Trek graphics team.

Apart from that - freakish fitness. First Scott 24 I did in 2007, we were a team of 6. We did exactly the same number of laps as Jason did on his own - the man is unreal.

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