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menai free ride trails

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By gjp - Posted on 30 December 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

hi, i use to ride at meani quite a lot, but havent been on my bike regularly for the past two years. i heard there were some trail closures, but is the free ride section behind the sporting fields still open for riding? i went there this week and it appears to be an abandoned area... i did see some signage near the waste management site stating the afp were patrolling and the section was closed... is the free ride spot included in this???
do any of the legit trails at menai have any jumps/drops etc or is it all singletrack? does anyone know of any freeride dedicated spots around the shire area? im use to riding red hill, oxford falls and originally the freeride spot at menai... i like pedallling to, but love sessioning jumps........ any info would be appreciated. cheers

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I havn't been to Menai yet so I cannot answer your questions.
But I can point you here -> facebook - Menai MTB Park.

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I used to ride the FR area and it's a great loss.

Here is a combination of what I know and hearsay

My understanding was it was built on Crown land claimed by the local aboriginal land council.

It was closed at same time as rest of Menai and there seemed to be plans to include it in the Heathcote Ridge land development.

Riders did the right thing and left it when asked by the aboriginal land council. It then got trashed.

AFD patrol ANTSO land which is a big circle around the nuclear facility. AFD have jurisdiction as its federal land.

The Menai trails being rerouted and built are more XC style. These are on Sutherland Shire Council land in the area and maybe ANTSO. I'm not sure of any success in reopening the FR area. It was beyond any of the land managers comfort level.

There is more FR stuff further south. I'd drop in and talk to TBSM in Mortdale.

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