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Bathurst Bike Park update for 13 Dec

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By Steele1968 - Posted on 13 December 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Did a few laps after a uni day in Bathurst on Saturday - what a great track. Track is now out to over 8km and has a lot packed into the space - lots of berms, log rolls, fast / flowy bits, short climbs, some fresh looking timber ramps and jumps. Could do with a few direction signs but take your time at junctions and you will figure it out. Suggest you take the B lines on your first lap, or at least stop and look first, as some of the features look innocent as you approach but have a surprise element awaiting (glad I saw the sign on the drop and gap jump just before I committed !!).
The loose gritty surface is slippery but there is almost always a safe grassy run off if you can't make the turn (about ten times for me).
If you are in town it is a good ride - if you are passing through it is a worthwhile detour less than ten minutes off the highway.

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If you've been off into the grass make sure you pull all the cat heads out of your tyres before riding in other locations.

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All good - I am conscious of not migrating dirt and seeds between locations.
Plenty of them there. You definitely need sealant if you are riding this track. When I finished riding I pulled about a dozen out - most were followed by a hiss of air until the sealant did it's job.
The taller prickles trackside are still green and soft but give it a month and they will be brown, hard and eager to stick into shins.

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