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2014-09-10 September

Central Tablelands Mountain Bike Club

September newsletter: Call for Volunteers

Hi all

Well September is here, Tuesday Night Racing is back and we have a couple of big events coming our way.

To be honest we need a bit of a hand to help run the events so if you have some free time and feel like lending a hand it would be greatly appreciated.

First up we have the Spring 3hr at Rydal this Saturday ( 13th ) at The Rydal Show ground

We need help setting up, marshalling and packing up. Phil will be out at the showground Friday afternoon to begin set up and then I’ll be there mid Saturday morning to assist. If any one else can help during this time it will lessen our load.

We also need marshals to man road crossing and watch out for riders throughout the race. Race starts at 2 so if you can spare the afternoon to help we really need to on track by 1.30 so if you could meet us at the Showground by 1pm that would be great.

To let Phil know you are coming and able to help give him a call or text on 0409157921.

The following weekend, 20-21st we have the State Downhill round on at the pony club in Sheedys gully, Lithgow.

Again we need help setting up, marshalling and cleaning up.

I’ll be up the track most of Friday bunting up and getting the start ramp set up.

On Saturday and Sunday we need marshals on track by 9am so if you could meet us at the pony club at 8.30 it would be awesome.

If you can let me know if you are available by calling or texting on 0448513172.

Volunteers are essential for us to be able to put these events on. And any help you can give is appreciated.

Marshalling is not hugely taxing. You basically get your own section of trail, a walky talky and a free lunch... In return you keep spectators off the trail while riders are coming (pretty simply here as there is a separate spectator trail) and radio down if any rider crashes and needs help.

Ideally get a group of 2 or 3 mates together, that way you’re not stuck on the one spot all day, you can take it in turns being on duty and wondering about checking out the action

Catch you all out there somewhere
El Presidente

Best Mountain Bike