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2014-06-06 June

Hi all

Just a quick update on Club happenings


Round #3 of club series took place on the 25th of May. While still small, childed out and relaxed we had a bigger field than we have had for a while.

Great to Juniors getting into it and people travelling across the mountains to attend.

Congrats to Lyndon Nugent for taking the win, just a coupleof hunderds of a second in front of Joel Willis.

Big thanks to all those who helped out onthe day. We had a few parents up on the hill helping out and Skinny, Em and Mal assisting with timing which was a great help.

We will be conducting a bit more trail maintenance leading up to the State race in September so keep and eye on the calendar and if you are able to lend a hand come along and do so.


Winter 3hr was very Winter. Around 30 competitors took on the wet and wild conditions and when the chequered flag went down on 6 remained.

Top effort from Peter Beggs to complete 7 laps on his single speed in trying conditions.

Phil Mcfarland and his band of helps need a big congratulations from pulling off another good event

Tuesday Night Racing

With dwindling numbers and no one really wanting to sit out in the cold to time we are going to finish up with the Tuesday racing for a bit.
Now, if you're like me you'll still need your Tuesday night Mountain bike fix and traditionally over the winter period we've continued through with social rides.

This also gives us a chance to get out and ride other trails (there are some great night riding spots around our area)

So keep an eye on the calendar as the rides wont always be at Rydal and meeting times might change to allow for extra travel time if needed.

I will try and get the rides up early so people have some notice

Also if you know a spot you want to show people around just let us know and we can schedule it in

First aid.

Anyone heading into the bush should have a first aid certificate, you never know when you'll need to help out a mate, or for that matter a total stranger.

As a club we think it would be great if atleast some of our members had slightly high qualifictions and better knowledge and thus we want to put a few people through a remote area first aid course.

At this stage we will be looking to run it in August. Its a 3 day course but if we have the numbers we can schedule it to suit (ie Friday night, saturday, Sunday... 3 consecutive sundays.... once a month...)
As we have a bit of money available we'd like to offer to pay the fees for a select few.

Of course we need to know we will get a return for the money we spend so if you are an active club member who regularly attends event or social rides and wish to apply send me a breif experssion of interest to ctmbc2(insert an @ symbol herr) and we'll go from there.

Also on the first aid front we've spoken about giving our junior members some basic first aid training.
If your kids are like mine they are off with their mate riding bike when ever they get the chance. I'd like to think that if one of them fell off and hurt themselves the others would have a bit of an idea of what to do and what not to do.

So I have a trainer lined up who will give them a run down on the basics. They wont get a certificate but for mine the knowledge is better than the piece of paper and it will give them a head start for when they are old enough to sit their proper course.

It will be free to all junior club members so again if you send me an expression of interest to the email mentioned above we can then work out what date suits. I'm thinking a Saturday or Sunday morning with the first
aid first then, if time permits I can run them through some basic bike skills.

If you have kids who aren't club members but ride and may be interested let me know and if numbers permit we might be able to include them too

Catch you all out there somewhere

Best Mountain Bike