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Ideas on a used bike for $800ish

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By KameramanDan - Posted on 20 May 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

So this is an extension of my brakes thread... it kinda went off topic and turned into a 'what new bike should i buy' thread so here's a new one.

I've realised my $100 Fuji is basically rooted, I was going to spend a bit making it comfortable but after pulling a few bits apart last night it seems it just wouldn't be worth it. Everything I look at is pretty much shagged... worn, bent or broken. So I am in the market for a new bike and $800 sits alright with me. I would think about $1000 but it would need to be a MAD deal with pretty much guaranteed resale..

The Trance X2 in the classifieds sounds quite nice and that particular model gets great reviews. The photos are wide angle and low res so I can't tell much but will be in Sydney on Saturday to check it out so should know more then...

In the meantime does anyone have any suggestions for other makes/models I should be looking at? Dual or HT is fine but I think I would like to find a dual with a pretty stiff rear or one I can lock out for road use as it's an 8km road ride from home to Jesmond trails Smiling


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Buying an used bike likes fishing. You never know what is on market and more importantly if it is right size for you. I think you know what you want after try a few of them. Once you find the right one, spend time to check the condition. Keep some money as a reserve for minor fix just in case. Finally, don't be shy to ask if any old part or accessory comes with it.

Hope helps! Happy shopping.

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Lockouts on suspension bikes are overrated.

You really only use them on the road on steep hills when you're hammering out of the saddle. They also place a lot of stress on the linkage bolts, bushes and shock mounts on the frame. I've also found they are prone to irritating bouncing when engaged.

An effective pedal platform is more important IMO.

As for bang-for-buck, Giant is pretty hard to go past. (This from a Cannondale tragic Smiling )

Edit: when buying, the first and most important question that needs to be addressed is this: Is this bike the right size for me?

If the answer is NO, go to bail, directly to bail, do not pass GO, do not pay $800. Smiling

Dicko's picture also looks like a pretty good deal

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The one bit of advice i will give is don't buy a bike for resale value.

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Thanks for the tips guys. I'm going to try to look at the trek as well. I'll have a look then come back and think about it next week. If I fall for one or both and they're still there next weekend then it might be a goer, but I don't want to rush into it.

I went for a ride this arvo and after a few hard stops my brake rebuild last night actually seems to have made quite a difference so I'm feeling well safer on the old bike.

As for size I'm just short of 6", 95kg (but that's dropping rapidly since I've started riding!), no idea about the size of the current bike but it feels a little big, when I stand over the top tube I'm just *ahem* resting on it, feel like it might not be ideal in certain situations Sticking out tongue

But it has a straight top tube and the giant and the trek in the classifieds both have kinked tubes so that should be ok, but I don't know anything about the other aspects of bike sizes..

I will do a little googling about sizes and see what I can figure out, anyone got some resources to get me started or a point in the right direction?

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UPDATE: Just did some very rough measurements and came up with 5'10 1/2" tall, 32" inseam, 6'1" fingertip-to-fingertip

The size charts on wiggle and other sites seem to indicate I should be looking at a ~20" frame, the medium giant is 18"

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Most people 5'10 would be on medium from the main frame manufacturers - eg trek, giant, specialized , Scott , merida. Some other brands are slightly bigger.

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I am selling my 2012 Merida Big Ninety NIne XT Edition. I am similar height & weight to you & live in Newcastle. I have upgraded & picked up a new bike today, hence I haven't advertised any where yet. Was going to put $1500 on it (paid $3500 15 months ago) but if you are interested I would sell for $1k. I don't have photos yet, I work at Wallsend so you could view it there if interested. email me

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email sent

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Received your email & tried to reply but it keeps coming back, address rejected. Give me a call on 0400769446. Liam

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Can I put my Yeti Arc (26") in this forum? Good condition, mix of xt and xtr parts. Not ridden much in the last couple of years except to go to the shop. New grips & brake pads & saddle.

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Thanks schrub I've sent you a text, not sure why you can't email... maybe photo files are too big? But I don't think that would be a problem, I'm sure my server is set up with no max limit..

thanks d percy but I've decided to look for a dual susp

What do you guys think of a 2010 Reign X1 for glenrock/jesmond areas? There's one for sale and it's in my price range, from a first glance at pics it appears to be in pretty good nick

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It has more travel than the Giant trance & the Trek that is for sale in the classifieds & also slightly heavier but if you arent going to do any racing xc on it it will be a all mountain bike like mine .

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The Reign sold too quick for me, didn't get the chance to see it Sad The trek is also sold.. The trance is still there though. I may head to sydney this weekend to have a look at it... There is also schrub's Merida which I might have a peek at next week

But after some heavy research on the Reign it really sounds like the kind of bike I'm looking for... one article described it as "all-mountain leaning towards downhill" which, when I think about it, is exactly what I've been doing so far... I have no plans to race and enjoy going downhill more than up.. 'climbing' for me is sitting my arse down in first gear and trundling up at 5kph Smiling

Dunno I'll keep poking around, maybe I will grab the trance while it's hot just to get me something a level up from the bucket of shit I'm riding now.. things are literally falling off this bike each time I take it onto the dirt lol

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So after a lot of deliberation and probably too many annoying posts here I picked up an 08 reign x0.. Built from a frame to lean towards DH.. Haven't had a chance for a proper shred yet, work sent me on a surprise trip to Coffs and Lismore for two weeks Sad but I brought it with me so hopefully will at least get a chance to cruise around the streets to get used to it, hopefully find someone local to show me around a bit

Stoooked Smiling

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