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2014-05-13 May

Hi all just a quick note from the club to spread some information

A recent suggestion was we should start putting out a semi regular newsletter to keep every one in touch with what is happening with your favourite little mountain bike club.

Apologies if this turns into a novel and I promise to keep future editions short and sweet but there are a few things we should mention.

For those wanting a more direct link you can also find up to date information on:

our website


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CTMBC turns 30!!!

Way back in the prehistoric times of the late 70s/early 80s a bunch of guys including Grant Medlock, Eric Young and Grant Sullivan started fanging around their favourite moto trails and bush tracks on these new fangled mountain bikes. It might not have been Klunkers but it sparked a vibrant scene and they were soon hooking up with like minded people from across the country.

One thing lead to another and before they knew it the Central Tablelands Mountain Bike club was born in the wee hours of a dark April night in 1984. We have a friendly rivalry with the Hunter club over who was actually the the first stand alone mountain bike club in Australia but since this is our newsletter I can say with complete confidence that they are dreaming, it was definitely us and in the same month the very first Australian mountain bike Championships took place at Sofala.

Richard Campbell claims to have won the very first club race which took place at Clarence. He has yet to produce the photo he still has stowed away somewhere proving he not only won but also had a great mop of flowing long hair but for other early race photos check out the webpage

Event Volunteers

The recent Sheep Station Fiddy K did high light our need to get more volunteers helping out on the day.
The event was a great success but did rely on a few people spreading themselves rather thin to run it.
There is a bit of a disconnect in the club at the moment. Once upon a time a lot of the DHer would help out on XC events and vice versa. I guess this was strongest when we were all racing together at the club round at Lidsdale. As the DH trails were along the XC trails and ran one before the other there was a bit more comradery and communication. A few key people have moved on and the two sides of the club seem to have drifted apart. Hopefully a regular newsletter will help bring it back together.

At the moment Phil McFarland is our only active, accredited commisaire and racing can not happen with out one. The online course has been rejigged to be even easier so if as many people can have a crack at it as possible will be in a much better position

We can never have too many volunteers for timing and marshaling at a race, big races especially but even club rounds. The way the track is designed we can get away with it for Tuesday night XC races but our DH club rounds are a bit stretched, last time around I had a few parents helping with shuttles which left me to cajole Tallis in to helping me time and Phil McCombe as our only marshal.
So if an event is on and you have a few hours spare you assistance would be very much appreciated.

Up Coming Events

Remember we can never have too many volunteers for timing and marshalling.

Sunday May 25 DH round #3
Lithgow Pony Club

Sunday June 1
DH Inter clubbie 5: Awaba

Saturday June 7th
Winter 3hr: Rydal

Sunday July 27th
DH #4 Lithgow Pony Club

September 20 and 21
NSW RedAss Downhill series #2
Lithgow Pony CLub

Also following on from the Glenns fantastic fantacy tour ride to Wolgan I'm hoping we can get a few more epic social rides happening over winter.

Until next time keep the rubber side down and I'll catch you out there somewhere
El Presidente

Best Mountain Bike