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Lake Canobolas MTB Park - Build arvo

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By grantd - Posted on 14 May 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Saturday, 17 May, 2014 - 13:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Lake Canobolas Mountain Bike Park
Meeting Point: 

Front gate.

Lake Canobolas Road.

The entrance gate is almost directly across from the entrance to Lake Canobolas.

Please DO NOT park on the side of the road here, if the gate is shut then park at the Lake and walk/ride across.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Here's some words from scott again:

Hi Folks,

If you missed out doing some digging last weekend, don't dispair we will be out there again on Saturday from 1pm!

Last weekend was great and we made some real progress - see some photos at CWORBC site (here). We really want to keep the momentum up now so we can start having some short track races out there soon.

Everyone is welcome.

Just remember bring your hats, long sleeves & pants and boots etc.

We will have a few tools but please bring a rake, mattock or shovel if you have one.

Hope to see you there on Saturday!



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grantd, Grungle
grantd Grungle
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I'm keen to come out this time (depending on work). I think I'll be able to bring a leg-rammer and a tipper trailer if someone can confirm if it would be useful by tomorrow morning. I won't bring them if they'll just get in the way.

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great. I think a Leg rammer would be useful, can you move it by wheel barrow?

I'm not sure a tipper trailer would be useful, it will be hard to get it to where we're working (I assume you're talking about a car trailer).


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Yeah, it's a big car trailer. Takes a tonne or two of dirt but useless if you can't drive in. I'll leave that, but bring the leg rammer. And yes, it could be moved by wheelbarrow.

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