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Tyres for 26" Fuji Nevada 3.0

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By KameramanDan - Posted on 25 April 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I'VE COMPLETELY EDITED THIS POST, I had a change of heart Smiling I was going to buy a 29er but $400-500 would get me a bike almost identical to what I have now just with slightly bigger wheels, so now I'm just looking for good 26" tyres to fit put on my current bike as it has road tyres on at the moment and I want to play in the dirt Smiling

I am in Newcastle, my closest trails seem to be rocky/gravelly hard pack, also I will be riding the bike ~8km each way on the road from home to the trails and back.

Any advice on a set of tyres for a beginner on this bike would be greatly appreciated Smiling


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OK so I went out to the shed to fix a bit that fell off the forks of the Fuji and noticed it has mostly the same gear these other bikes have... XCT 100mm forks, the same shimano running gear, double walled rims, etc etc..

Googled the model (Nevada 3.0) and it actually seems to be as good if not better than the bikes I'm looking at, meaning I'm looking at spending up to $400 for dirt tyres that are three inches bigger.. I think I'll put dirt tyres on the fuji and just get started with that Smiling

Soooo any recommendations for some good solid 26" tyres to get me started?

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Well KameramanDan, I reckon you've already made one decision right. What the hell am I talking about! Two decisions right!
First: Getting your backside on a mtb (You're a bloody genius!)
Second: Staying with what you've got until you have a better idea of where you're at (very wise!)
Now, regarding the tyres. Be warned, you're opening an absolute can of worms here. If you look down the forum, you won't have to go far to see discussions on this subject...
But in the meantime, you need to specify what sort of terrain you plan on shredding before advice (from others) can flow freely.
All the best!

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Haha yeah I've been meaning to get back into riding for ages.. fitness and all that! I live overseas for the northern winter (our summer) and spend most days snowboarding but then come back here and get lazy again Sticking out tongue

I did a bit of searching on the tyres thing and yeah it seems like a minefield. I might just trundle into the local shop and grab whatever takes my fancy lol.

But in the hopes of getting a little bit of advice first so I'm not going in completely blind, I'm in Newcastle so will probably be riding in Jesmond bushland and Glenrock a bit. The terrain in Jesmond from what I've seen so far is mostly rocky, hardpack dirt.

Also I will probably ride by road from my house to the trails, at least to Jesmond which is about 8k's away. Glenrock is 15-20k's away so more likely to take the car there..


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Some popular selections for 29ers:

Nobby Nic front, Racing Ralph rear. Go the version with the extra sidewall protection, not the vanilla tubeless ready, and put the front on the reverse direction from recommended.

Ignitor front teamed with Crossmark rear
Ardent front with Ikon rear

Kratos 2.25 front teamed with Scylla 2.25 rear. Choose the greyline model.

Small Block 8 front and rear

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Ignitor 2.35 front teamed with Crossmark 2.1 rear is a good start for East coast MTB trails and Cycle ways, they offer good grip and roll well on the trails without wearing out to quick

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I just recently upgraded my 29er so I have 2 the other one is a scott spark950 in med im looking to off load its well over 1k tho

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Ahh sorry guys the original post is misleading

I was looking at buying a 29er to replace my 26" Fuji Nevada 3.0, turns out any bike in my price range is no better than the Fuji so I am now just looking to get some decent dirt tyres for it.


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Thanks Armo, it appears the Fuji has 20mm rims (Jalco AX430) should I also look at getting wider rims to fit wider tyres?

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The rims should be fine for suggested tyres. Just stick some better tyres on the bike you have and get out on the trails and when you get addicted to MTB ( and you will I did ) save for a better bike

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Have a look at classifieds session and see what is available. You may find some treasure in there. As many suggested above, more grippy and wider at the front with more durable at rear. I am not sure your rim is tubeless ready or not. You may be better off to buy rim and tyre in one go sometime.

Btw, no harm to attend demo day to test it out 29er.

My final thought is do NOT go wired beard tyre, you may find it difficult to put it on. And can't turn into tubeless later on.

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Thanks armo I think I'll ride into drift bikes tomorrow and see if they have what you suggest or at least something close to it... I'm pretty much on slicks at the moment so anything will be better than that!!

Then on the way home (I'm in Wallsend) if I can get some decent tyres fitted I'll drop into the track behind the John Hunter and find my way to Jesmond Smiling


P.S. armo you're a newie boy, could you recommend a bike shop? Drift Bikes seem to be all about MTB, are they ok or would you suggest somewhere else? Feel free to PM your answer if you must Smiling Thanks!

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Thanks rossco, I'm also not sure if my rims are tubeless ready but I'm not really ready for that myself.... I just want some knobbly tyres to replace the road tyres I have at the moment.

Would be super keen to go to a demo day and get to ride some bikes that are well out of my price range! I may end up doing that soon Smiling

Sorry but you lost me in the last paragraph with wired beard tyre... ?

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Where abouts are you located? Ive got a few nice tyres to suit your needs all in good nic.


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Newcastle mate

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Sorry typo. I mean don't buy wire bead, go for folding bead. In other words, tyre comes with steel bead or kevlar bead. Wire one ie steel needs more skill and love to put on the rim. Kevlar bead is much easier to put it on and remove if required to change tube, even more expensive. Save more time Smiling

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Ohh righto I gotya. Thanks for the tip Smiling

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Popular combos:

As above for 29ers, except:

Ignitor 2.3 (F) Larsen TT 2.0 (R)

Nevegal 2.35 (F) Small Block 8 2.1 (R)

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Thanks for the ideas guys I went into Drift Bikes today and unfortunately they didn't have the Maxxis combos in 26" but I ended up riding out with a specialized captain on the front and fast trak on the rear, both 2.2..

Rode home via the John Hunter and jesmond bushland, got a little lost and missed the trail I was looking for but had plenty of fun Smiling Tyres seem really good on the dirt even though it was pretty wet and they roll like champs on the bitumen so I'm happy!

Did about 25k's on thursday, 35 today... probably not gonna be able to walk tomorrow!

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Good combo from my experience. The captain tyres offer plenty of grip and are hard wearing. I still run these today though with 2.2 upfront and 2.0 on the rear. Never let me down not even a flat in 2 years. The fast traks are a great rolling tyre though I had the s-works version which was pretty weak on the side walls. It doesn't really matter what tyre choice you go with at this stage just enjoy the trails Eye-wink

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Thanks man that's what I figured, it was nice to go into the shop with an idea of what I was buying but I don't think I'm gonna notice much difference between tyres at the moment. Old mate talked me into 2.2 front and rear with the idea being if I get right into things I can move the captain to the rear and go for a more hardcore tyre on the front.

Seemed like a good idea to me and I didn't crash in the bush on the way home lol Smiling

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Most newie bike shops are good. Drift are good choice they know their MTB, I have my suspension serviced by them and buy some products. Maxis tyres I usually get from Gateshead or online from wiggle and CRC

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