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Custom hardtail creation

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By AB1990 - Posted on 17 February 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all,

As a bit of a side project in the future I'd love to build myself a custom XC racing hardtail with an emphasis on being ultra light weight

for those who have undertaken a project or who have an idea about products out there, i'd love to hear what you would use in your opinion for the components, gearing,brakes,tyres,rims,frame ETC

Price range doesnt matter as atm its all a dream i would just like to hear what you would all suggest given the wide range of products out there


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Frame; open L435 O-0.1

Then Kit it up as per their A-XX1 limited edition about 7.3/7.4 KG. But would probably go for Rotor 3d crank and front ring.

Specs and O/S prices @
Australian dealer (dropping in there next month) @

The one difference between the O-0.1 and O-1.1 frame is the former isn't painted so is 110 grams lighter Eye-wink

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That project is a research job.
A mate did it while laid up in hospital a while back & ended up with some very esoteric components like a billet cassette & several "Tune" components.

In short you should make a list of every component that the bike will be made up from then get to work finding the precise weight of every manufacturers part that will fit the bill.

Depending on the wheel size, your wallet & frame size about 8.5kg should be achievable.

Btw. My mate built the bike up in 2008 & it weighed 9.4kg. He only rode it a few times then sold it saying it flexed too much & didn't inspire confidence.
I demo'd the silly light $10,000 Specialized 29er hardtail the other year & despite having a lot of fun utilising the unbelievable speed & acceleration could never envisage paying that much for such a single purpose machine..
Oh and being a bit fat & old didn't help.

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I'd look into the Chinese Carbon 29'er (or 26'er if that's your thing) builds.

I did one up a short time ago and so far I'm very impressed. My full build detail is here:

The short version is that with pretty much no effort and a lot of parts coming from my old donor 26er commuter, it hit 8.91kg with a rigid fork.

I could drop another 500g easily by going to a carbon/light weight wheelset, drop a few hundred grams more by going with a lighter 2x or 1x system (the cranks are currently old RaceFace Evolve XC, so not particularly light). I could then chase some more grams in pedals and other things that start to hit diminishing returns from the $$$ spent Eye-wink

They've also released a lighter frame using T800 carbon (I think) that shaves another 200g - 300g off the frame weight (mine was 1280g including the internal cable guides that were in when I installed it).

Hitting mid-7's wouldn't be unrealistic on this bike if you had the coin to spare!

And the important part? It rides brilliantly! Mainly commuting on it, but for trails like OMV it goes really well. So direct, so light and so much fun!

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