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By AnthonyBx - Posted on 22 January 2014

Hi Guys

I was hoping to get into DH this year, is CTMBC going to run a monthly club event again this year?


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Hi mate. Yep.

I've just had a bit of stuff on and haven't got it all together. I'll pull my finger out and add some dates into the calendar later this week.

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Great! thanks

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Awesome I've been looking forward to some DH events!

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Hi all,
No doubt everyone is flat out, but hopefully we get some DH events at the local track so I don't turn into some soft XC racer Eye-wink


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Yeah sorry guys I have been all over the place lately I changed the dates this year to unclash with other commitments. Then they got changed it very thing is clashing again. trying to find freeweekends

But there will be (Pending it Ok with the pony club and at this stage it's penciled so I haven't posted it yet0 a round on the 27th of April, I know it a long time between rounds but I just couldn't get time before. Then I have just realised as I typed it that the May date I was looking at is mothers day. Sorry but your riding pleasure is not worth me loosing my nuts. I'll rethink that one.

Also if you haven't seen it the track has copped a bit of damage. I will be up there early Saturday afternoon fixing things up. Feel free to drop up and lend a hand if you have time. I have some spare trail tools but if you have a rake bring it a long. Gabbage bags and gloves might also be handy as the rubbish and old bunting tape up there looks bad of a clean up while we are there would be good.

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