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2014 Absa Cape Epic - The Journey Begins

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By Dicko - Posted on 13 January 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

2014 Absa Cape Epic - The Journey Begins

See below the first stanza of the SXC Racing blog. We are hoping to give some insight into our training and preparation leading up to the 2014 Absa Cape Epic, followed by day by day updates from the race itself.

I hope you can share in our experiences, and join us on the journey.

." team mate and friend, Brian and I, embarked on this journey back in March 2012. Over some race planning we both thought we needed a bigger challenge to set ourselves. What bigger challenge could we demand from ourselves than ‘completing’ the Absa Cape Epic. So after a year of pre-planning, setting up some basic logistics – team name, travel dates, work/family leave schedules, we were committed. SXC Racing ( was formed, and with the support of some great sponsors team kit and entries to the 2014 Absa Cape Epic was organised."

"Block 1 training is all about building the base and building trust."

For the full blog and regular updates can be found on our website:

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Excellent writeup of your journey so far Dicko. It's great you're planning to share the experience in this way, and I for one look forward to following your progress every step of the way. It might even inspire some of us to pursue our own new challenges too!

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Inspirational write up. I'll be looking forward to reading of your progress, highs and lows. To do all this riding and live a normal civilian life is pretty impressive. Best of luck to you both Eye-wink

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.. you guys should have a great race. Look forward to hearing about the full journey.

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Dont expect too many more 'high spirited' updates form Wayne and Brian.
I've just set their program for the weeks leading into the event - they wont have the energy to open their laptops for a long while now!! Eye-wink

Its fun being part of the journey, and having done the Cape Epic before myself, I know how much fun they are in for. Its an event that changes your perspective on MTB racing and riding.

68 days to go.....

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I heard someone had to get up at 4:30 to go training.

Fun times indeed! Eye-wink

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fun or "fun" that they are getting themselves into?

Perhaps they should be heading over to Adelaide to mile up in the heat....

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It would be nice to train in the heat but NPWS and State Forests seem to close everything once the mercury gets over 30 Eye-wink

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...but an amazing adventure.

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.. you guys need to be training your arses off. That is a serious week's riding. Hope you both climb well and get on well with each other as that sort of distance and climbing is sure to test the team dynamic. I suspect the daily blogs might be a bit brief.... Smiling

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I love that summary of the stages Smiling

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Or heaps of training & therefore fitness overcome this??

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