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Bike pedals

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By AB1990 - Posted on 29 December 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi All,

I'm sure you have all probably seen this question a few times, but I'd like some advise if possible

I'm looking for pedals similar to the Crank Brothers Eggbeaters but possible in a cheaper price frame, any suggestions? or would it be best to stick with a brand such as that?


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Have you looked at getting a set of Shimano M-520. You can get the M-520 for about $20-$30 on the internet.

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Depends on how much you like spending time and money maintaining stuff. If you like doing that, sure go Crank Bros. Me, not so much. I prefer to go ride.

So, while I love the minimalist look and low weight of CB pedals, it's Shimano pedals for me. They just work. For years.

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Yer I am with Hawkeye Shimano Pedals are fantastic and seem to work for years. I have a set of the M-520 and they are fantastic they just haven't missed a beat. The crankbrothers pedals however look pretty cool but are considerably more expensive than the shimano set. If you break the cb pedals then you would have to spend a lot of money to replace them but not with the shimano's.

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have to admit, I'm still on eggbeaters. every time I try something else going back to the eggbeaters is like coming home.
but would I recommend them? - hell no!

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Most crankbrothers stuff looks great but has longevity issues.
I actually like their pedals though and have them on most of my bikes.

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Aliums are a little heavy but very reliable. XC6s are a nice compromise between weight and dollars.

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Shimano since 1990 - However my modified SPD pedals weigh 100 grams each Smiling. Not having tried other makes I can't say they are better or worse, just relatively reliable. Once we have pedals with proper bearings I may move to them IF the stack height and weight is low enough.

(Stack height = the height above the axle centre the shoe sits (FWOBE), Shimano is still the lowest I believe)

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OK, spill the beans. How did you do it? Smiling

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I am trying out the Look S Track at the moment

Very little float - so not for everyone. But if you want a secure solid feel - large contact area and light weight (240gms pair) these maybe the go.

2 year full return warranty which is also promising.

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Used a defunct XTR set - replaced axles with TI ones, made clip in one sided (same as a roady - and pedal clip in face is always at same position no matter the cranks rotational position (rear facing and vertical), so can clip in the same way each time - took about a weeks riding to be automatic clip in). Removal of a little unrequired material - can get them lighter but lost motivation once I'd done the above, though may just see how light I can get them next time I'm bored Smiling. Had no problems with them after around 8 months of regular use, and no probs clipping in.

But I don't like the Shimano loose balls as a bearing (if it can be called that), the Look S-Track pedal has better cartridge bearings.

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Hi all,

Cheers for all the info....with the amount I'm willing to spend it'll seem more reasonable to stick with the Shimano

You guys advised me some I didn't look into previously so once again thanks!

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