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CTMBC Tuesday Night Winter Series

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By Flynny - Posted on 07 June 2013

The Winter series will be an open ended series thating place at Rydal, For winter we meet t the Show ground

If enough people keep turning up we'll keep running races. If not those hardy souls who do will just go for a ride.

As such I wont clog the calendar with entries

It would be good to keep up the intensity at least until the 3hr but if people are still keen after I'm happy to continue

Ladies and Kids under 16 get free race entry (License fees apply)

Kick off is 6:30 so 5:30pm rego opens, if you are new or need to renew your license please turn up earlier rather than later.

We are fairly relaxed, A grade just means you do more laps and we encourage every one to have a go, we don't have podiums or prizes so it's about getting out there and competing against your own time and your mates.

So don't be intimidated by the "race" tag. We all just go out to do our best.

Doing the higher grade with more laps will gain you more series points.

There is a shorter track for juniors and we've had increasing numbers in u13s and u10s

Racing starts at 6:30pm


Lights are a must from outside day light savings and on those rounds indicated above you wont be able to start unless you have atleast one working front light.

We recommend at least a 5w halogen equivalent.

You can get powerful el chepo LED from just about any where but if you are after something top notch check out the Aussie madeK-lites from out good friend Kerry Stait.

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Numbers have been very inconsistant so we wont be running the BBQ or setting up timers.
We'll just head out for a social ride with some fun challenges thrown in along the way

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