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nice night for a race

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By Flynny - Posted on 06 September 2011

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2011-12 CTMBC Twilight #1
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A grade (3 laps)
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Great night for a ride. then it pissed down just as we were leaving the pub. Had a few spills tonight so I hope Paul and Glenn are ok

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Hey Flynny,

had a tree strike some time after you went past... grazed shoulder and sore knee from crunching the rocks with it... blew up like a balloon, Barnsie had some ice pack thingys so that was much appreciated...
The new section of track was a bit confusing cause its the first time i've seen it, but i reckon its awesome (i got a bit frustrated cause i couldn't see where to go at some stages Smiling, and my Spesh's in hospital)

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Hey paul, yeah it's a bit like the first couple of times we ran the first and second sections, they were hard to see and slow. 2 or 3 round and the last of the grass dies off and the trail beds in so it should get quicker and easier to spot.

Hope your knee isn't too bad, just spoke to Glenn he's sore and sorry but Soldiering on.

Poppo set a cracking pace. After you dropped off I caught him heading down the single trail and we worked together for a bit. He dropped me on the climb back out to the fire road but then sat up and waited for me. I got on his wheel and he said "We've got a gap. Jump on and draft me. ready" Well he doesn't offer much of a wind break but he stood up and dropped the hammer and I did my best top go with him.

I can match him over a short distance but he maintains serious power.

He had a slight stuff up and I got back in front in the new single trail and he was happy to follow. But I couldn't sustain the speed and felt I was holding him up so let him past.

Got back on his wheel at the bottom just as it came out for the fire road pinch back to timing, but was pretty spent and he rode away pretty easy up the next hill.

Kept expecting you, barnsy, Peter and Brett to come blasting up behind.
How cool is it with light going every which way. Every now and then I'd catch a glimpse of Poppo and think "I've gain on him" only then to have the trail turn 180* and realise I'm still 500m back.

Then you'd look back and think "geez they're just behind me" then next time you look there's no light to be seen.

The beer at Rydal was well earnt.

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Also, if anyone has time through the week to continue to fix up the b lines through the middle of the "digs" that would be awesome.

Rydal has the daffoli festival as well as state orienteering champs on this weekend so best to avoid it this weekend.

So I hope to get out next weekend to do a bit more.

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