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testing lights and stuff

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By Flynny - Posted on 30 June 2011

Re: This ride meeting: 
Tuesday Night Social Ride: 28 june

Myself, Phil and Mick met up with Joe and Harold for a blast on the Mt York convict trails.

It was a nice night and as we plodded up Berghoffers it didn't take long for me to start unzipping the windstopper vest.

By the top I was ready to peal the vest and outer jersey off and noticed Joe was already down to a tee shirt.

It's been a while since we've done Mt York and Lockyers would have to be my all time favourate trrail. It has a little bit if every thing and a whole lot of fun.

We decide to do a run out to the top of the stairs and back. Lockyers has surprising sections of flowy down hill coming back up the hill...

Anyway as we get to the start of the first rough DH section Joe suggests we ride up tot he junction with the main rd and get a run into it.


Kerry from K-lite had sent me up his new DH proto type light to test out a while ago and while I've done a few ride with it this was the first chance to test it in anger down a rough, high speed trail.
The proto contains ~1400 Illuminati, 33 Grand Masons of the scottish rite and a
knight Templar... or something.

Anyway I had the contour HD set up on the bars which gives a good shot on the smooth stuff but gets a little shakey when things get rough. Youtube audio swap is a little iffy but ah well.

First half of the vid I have the K-light on the bars and set to full power. Second half i switch to another 1000lu brand as a comparison.

I think you can see while the spot in the other light is fine the K-lite shows up much more of the peripheral, which is good if you're into that sort of thing.

Next up I'm following Mick on one of the flowy bits of trail coming back up toward the top of the trail, obviously the grindy up hill bits have been cut out.

And then we head on down Berghoffers to finish the ride. Again I'm following Mick.
Look closely at the 2:00min mark. That shaddow on the right that Mick gets rather close to as I very left is actually a 15m cliff...

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