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A good downhill track in Sydney?

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By DHRIDER101 - Posted on 06 April 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hey guys

Just want to know if there are any good downhill tracks in Sydney (not private tracks)?

I've been riding Oxford Falls heaps but I would like to ride something more like the Awaba or Ourimbah tracks.

A track with technical areas but also just flowy and jump sections would be great.

Tracks that would be good enough for state series are the ones im interested in.

Greater Sydney area only


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I think the only legal one is the one at Knapsack Reserve at Glenbrook and it is very poor and hence barely used at this stage hence BMORC efforts to realign it and improve it with council permission.

Comments from others?

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Cheers mate

Anyone else know of other tracks??

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There are no other legal downhill tracks in the lower blue mountains.

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There's a DH track at Del Rio isn't there? Hardly Sydney though Sad

Also, not sure when it's open outside of competitions.

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You'd have to check bit I think Del rio is open but you may have to pay to enter.
Same with pacific park and Dargle farm.

Nothing else legal in the basin. Ourimbah is the closest followed by awaba and Lithgow.
The Gong is an option but nothing legal and a bit touchy so I'd advise against it

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Warrimoo (St Ives) is currently legal, ie, it is acknowledged by the relevant council, has been sign posted as a DH track and graded by Council.

However, there is ambiguity as to whether the track can be maintained. or will even stay.

Kurrajong is legal ... apparently with a rope tow or Poma or something to get you up the hill (Note: Commercial operation).

gets desperate from there

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Kurrajong heights is the grass ski/carts and I think is wsmtb event only.

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Kurrajong is no longer available as the owner is selling the land...

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We were going to make a venture out to Kurrajong for grass karting and mtb for Easter but guess thats off the cards now.

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So is it an actual downhill track?
On nobmob it just says fire trail? If there is, can you please describe where the dh track starts.


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Warimoo track:

It is a push track only.

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Dude, you really are better off to come along to Oxy on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and ride with the crew there. I know that Council have "accepted" Warrimoo, but I think it's still on tenuous ground...

I'll be riding Oxy on Saturday morning, so come along and join us all!


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any chance you want to ride next Sunday morning. I'm itching to ride there as I haven't yet and would love to follow someone with experience through the track/s. I've put a post up trying to get a crew together, we are two presently and would welcome your knowledge.


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Hi Mate,
Next Sunday is most likely to be a day up at Awaba! I guess the weekend after we'll be riding in Sydney again...

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Thx Gaby,

Look forward to riding with you. Have a great weekend at Awaba. Keep me posted.

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Hey guy can any one give me the address of Oxford fall dh track..m planning to this Sunday with my mates...cheerse

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Hi Mate,
Try this Google Maps Link:,+151...

There'll be plenty of people around, and the tracks are fairly obvious. There's always quite a bit of change happening at Oxy, so make sure you scope your lines out first.

And if you're shuttling, please remember to not park/stop in front of people's driveways, and drive respectfully Smiling

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Too many numbnuts having blokey conversations at too loud a level in a quiet area early in the morning.

Might see you up there (will be on a Faith & Remedy - one for me, one for a mate).

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Thankx mate,,Really appreciated...I'll try to find it in google...I Gus's it's in Morgan rd it?

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Hey guys did u ride Oxford fall yesterday ?? We're uguys there yesterday?i finally found that place it's really awesome mate hips of jumps n drops I really enjoy thou I was alone...I was riding cove std freeride white color ......

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G'day mates is any 1 is going for dh ride this Sunday???

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Where is this track?


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Plenty more info in the trails section on this site…

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@pants Looks sick. Can you give some details on how to get there or pm me on instagram billy__hoyle. Cheers

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...Grave dig!

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