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Wiggle & CRC

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By GiantNut - Posted on 08 February 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

How are the deliveries going? I just got a Wiggle order arrive today - from back on Jan 11. Last CRC order took about 20 business days as well. I used to get it same week - anyone else seeing delays or just my bad luck

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Ive just been sent an email stating that some purchases will be delayed due to the recent cyclone activity in Qld.... But i live in NSW.... And i didnt order any banana's...

Is that your new XTR rear wheel??????

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If it isnt a tracked delivery I have had a Wiggle order take over 4 weeks before to get to me.

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I placed an order with Wiggle on a Saturday arvo and had it delivered the following Friday, to a Sydney address.

Although in saying that a parcel, sent prior to Christmas sent by a friend in London arrived TODAY.

I'm sure that helps muddy the waters

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Just got an order from CRC - took about 2 weeks from purchase to delivery.

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That basically anything that has tracking comes through quickly, anything that doesnt takes forever.

I cant see why as they claim they both use the same service with or without tracking but yeah.

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There is increased security concerning parcels coming out of the UK, after that nut put explosive in printer ribbons just before Christmas. It is adding weeks to mail delivery times. Or so I hear.

The smart thing to do, if it is an urgent item, is to buy US.

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A mate and I just did a bulk order with CRC, arrived at his place in roughly a week.

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ordered a wheel set from Wiggle on Wednesday, received 1 wheel on Monday. They no longer can supply the rear wheel!!! and the stans rim tape and valve is no longer in stock and won't have that till end of Feb.
So great delivery time but damn shocking service of advertising that they had the wheels in stock but than pulling it last minute. I don't ride a unicycle so now need to order a rear wheel and there is no longer a sale on wheels. and yes i did send a complaint email after my other emails were not responded to after 5 days (and the do not list their ph number either).

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I placed an very large order on CRC (all items were in stock) on Thursday last week and it has just arrived. Not too bad considering the distances and the size of the boxes of goodies. The thing to watch though is that they have everything in stock as you can wait weeks for components that aren't.

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Logan is spot on. When you get a reference number for tracking it is fast but if you don't spend enough and don't get a reference it takes forever. They probably do this to make you spend more. My wiggle order is now 2 weeks since shipment and still waiting. Lucky is was just a top up of supplies and nothing keeping me off the bike.

Order just arrived Smiling

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I think the British post office is having intermittent strikes which affects all items sent regular mail.

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I ordered new handlebars and 2 new tyres on Friday night and got delivered yesterday afternoon. So thats 5 days 2 of which were weekend. It was sent DHL.
A friend order a couple of things off Wiggle and its been 3 weeks.

I once ordered in stock parts for a bike build from Torpedo7, JensonUSA and Wiggle at the same time. JensonUSA stuff arrived in 3 days, Wiggle 6 days and Torpedo7 9 days.

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I think the British post office is having intermittent strikes which affects all items sent regular mail.

Hey Barney
I've spotted some typos and grammatical errors on your post. Not to worry I've fixed them up now.

I think the British post office is having intermittent working days which means you might actually receive items sent by regular mail at some point in the future if you're lucky.


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Well, I placed an order from CRC on the 1st. It shipped on the 2nd and arrived here today (the 9th).

Don't think you can really complain at that. Sure, I've had stuff from Jenson in 3 days but that's (a week) is about as quick as it gets from the UK.

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I placed an order on CRC which shipped Jan 26, and arrived yesterday (Feb 9). A bit longer than some, but it made it here in one piece so no comlaints from me!

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They are not wrong on the advice that CRC out of stock items can take a while.

I placed an order on 17 Jan with one item listed as out of stock but due in stock by 31 Jan.
It's now 27 Feb and the date of arrival in stock has gone from 31 Jan to some date in Feb to 4 Mar to currently 11 Mar.
Hey, that's my birthday - maybe I'll see them by 2012 birthday!

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Made two Wiggle orders on Saturday 18th Feb. The first was $270 worth & wasn't given a tracking number. The second, which was $145 (apparently I needed those carbon handlebars after all...) was given a tracking number(?).

Priority despatch was paid on both orders. The second, trackable, order arrived first, in a giant box that was puzzlingly bigger than ben hur, today. I assume the other will show up, eventually... Other non-track-able orders have taken up to four weeks to arrive here in Bathurst (2795).

Wiggle is like a box of chocolates... You never know if your stuff will be track-able and if it isn't you never know when you'll get it, if at all, but if your stuff doesn't arrive they will send it again or refund it. It's just the price of doing internet business, I guess.

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Ordered new chain and cassette on 9th Feb. First time purchased from O/S.
Still waiting. Order sent Royal Mail so apparently no tracking available.

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Ordered a set of forks from Wiggle, arrived 5 days later, did not pay for priority dispatch (never do). There is a small issue with the forks - the lock out is not working - Wiggle have offered to pay out of pocket expenses to have the forks removed and sent back - I sent them a mail to say that I could not afford to be without the bike for a few weeks and their reply was that I send them back whenever I could and they would sort it out then - I cannot fault their customer service.

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Placed my first order with Jenson yesterday (have ordered plenty from Wiggler and CRC). Two items are due in next week (they told me this rather than it being an out of stock item). Have no experience on Jenson deliveries so will see how long it takes to get the items in and for them to be shipped!

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when they are in stock jenson can't be beat for delivery times. I have ordered from them on a Friday night and received the items on the following Monday morning at 9am. 2 days also being the weekend. Awesome.

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If you dissatisfied customers need a part in a hurry, why not try the LBS and stop whining on a public forum about the delivery service(or lack there of) of a discount on-line supplier? If it was Wiggle post or Chain Reaction Couriers doing the deliveries I could see the point but really......

I ordered a new frame from Cranks Chatswood. Delivered to store in 36 hours (Saturday Delivery no less) and total price was $80 LESS than purchasing from OS with delivery. Oh and I got to chat to a real person too. Eye-wink

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Slowpup, you're missing the point completely. The whole post is about delivery times from various online retailers, overseas and in Australia, and you're saying that people shouldn't talk aboutonline retailers delivery times? A few things:

1. No-one is whining, just stating that it can take while and giving examples of when, i.e. when you don't spend as much.
2. Needing a part in hurry is not the point, how long it can take for delivery is.
3. Well done with your purchase from Cranks but your purchase would be the exception not the rule. Overseas online retailers are ridiculously cheap compared to most LBS. The LBS is awesome for assistance with what to buy, for buying things you might want to get help or support with later on, or for when you need something now. That is why I buy from them. Generally there is no comparison with buying online, both overseas and in Australia.

Sorry, but if you don't like the forum topic then why comment at all? You're right, you do get what you pay for. I am purchasing an adjustable seat post for $200 compared to $400 in store here, a box of Gus for $23 compared to $65 online in Australia, I could go on. You're right, you get what you pay for and I am paying for parts that are silly cheap but take a while longer to get to me!

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The OP's question was well and truly answered about 3 weeks ago.

Oh well back in my box then.....

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The beauty and problem with internet forums, things lats forever! I am sure we have all been guilty of missing the dates and joining in a "conversations" months after it has finished, I know I have.

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@oldandslow - I also ordered a chain & cassette from CRC but on the 16th Feb, and its turned up today.
I only ticked the standard delivery, so you might want to check with them what's holding up your order.
Did you get an email from them that the order has been dispatched, yet?
Were the items in stock? I never order anything online unless its in stock because you never know what their re-stocking timeframe is going to be.

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I must be lucky so far. Have placed 2 orders with CRC in the last 4 months. first order placed took 5 days 2 of which were the weekend. then placed an order last thursday night 10pm arived today tuesday 2pm, both standard mail.

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Both arrived Tues arvo. Should have updated then.
Goods were in stock and I did receive an email that they had been dispatched. When I emailed to enquire about the delay here is part of the response from Annlea at CRC
"Please accept our apologies that you have not received your parcel. It has been sent on 09/02/11 with Royal Mail International who are normally a fast and reliable service but unfortunately delays can sometimes occur. Please note this service can no longer be tracked online as we no longer receive shipping references."
Have since let her know that goods have arrived and received a 10 quid (don't have pound key on computer)voucher.
As stated by others previously if you need something immediately obviously the bike shop is the bettter option.
It is because of some sub par service from my local recently that convinced me that my 15yrs of loyalty meant diddly to (some of) them.
So from now on I'll be shopping around different shops and purchasing on the internet as required.


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