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CTMBC Monthly Meeting 27-10-2010

Previous minutes:

Minutes read and moved as correct by Tim Bearver 2nd Craig Flynn

Correspondence in

SEEC approval and working documents tabled and discussed re the sediment control on pony club track.

Correspondence out

SEEC was forwarded on to council

Tressurers Report:

As per documented by Craig Flynn

General Business

Committee positions to be filled

Matt Walker to accept the VP DH role
Darrin Willis to accept the treasurer’s role
Phil Mcfarland to accept the PO role

Lidsdale state forest up date:

We are to wait for a reply from State Forest re our new XC track at Lidsdale forest.
100km race:
We had a long discussion about the proposed 100 km race to be run by LMMCC and CTMBC. We had a good look at options for tracks and looked at the proposal presented by Gary Dukes on behalf of the LMMCC and apointed Gary , Tim and Phil to be a sub committee for this race. They are to report back at the next meeting on rough costing and more info on courses for this event.

Newtons Nation:

We have to have another meeting with council about the exit for the Down hill track for Newton's as we can't exit via the tip.

Skinny to attend this.
Thanks to all who have put their hand up to help out on the committee. I think we have a very good committee this year that should work together well and thanks to all who attended this meeting it was good to see so many people at a club meeting. Cheers Mick

Next Meeting 24th November 2010 7pm at Lithgow Workies Club

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