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Pony Club DH Submissions and Approvals

Attached are the submissions, studys, and approvals that have gone into the creation of a new Down Hill trail off Hassans Walls reserve into Sheedys gully and the pony Club.


CTMBC welcomes volunteers to help build and maintain this trail. However we do have some strict conditions we need to work to.

With this in mind all trail building/maintenance volunteers will need to have read, understood and signed both the CTMBC Operational Plan Annex e: Trail Volunteer Guidelines and the Tool box induction

These forms will be available to sign at all the official build days.

Volunteers should also be familiar with the basic trail building principals found at IMBA


Several applications and plans needed to be submitted or commissioned and passed off before the trail was approved

Operational Plan and Studies

Along the way we've had get commissioned a Flora and Fauna report and a soil and sediment control plan.

The Soil and Sediment plan outlined construction techniques and on going maintenance requirements. This was compiled by Andrew Macleod at Strategic Environmental and Engineering Consulting and at the completion of the build the trail had to under go a compliance inspection.
The two points stressed were ground cover and drainage.

As Tony Boone says "its just long as you keep users on the trail and water off of it.......your visions will last for generations

Andrew was particularly impressed with the pavers we invented for use in high wear areas such as water run offs and seep braking areas

He was also impressed by the sheer amount of rock and soil moved by hand.

Next an Operational plan was drawn up. This outlines the scope and use of the trail and brings together things like the reports and studies as well as risk assessment, emergency evacuation procedures, waist management, traffic management, signage and eventual regeneration plans.

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