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Narrabeen Lagoon Plan of Management Input & Workshop

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By Rob - Posted on 11 October 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Just had this from the council...

Basically - another opportunity to have input into a council's PoM (Plan of Management). It finally seems that the local authorities are trying to cater for riders. I know there have been a lot of these lately, but we need to support them all. Due to the diversity of land tenures in the Northern Beaches we have to jump through hoops for each land owner in order to get a seamless trail network in the region.

Credit to them for giving us the chance, please don't let this opportunity go to waste.

If you cannot make the meeting, please visit the council's site and post in their forum what you value about the area. These comments should be made before December 19:

Incidentally the key dates say this isn't open until November 22, but notice there are already comments in the 'values' forum.

From what I gather, comments made on the 'Values' forum will then feed into the PoM document itself which I assume will be drafted and release for public submissions at a later date.

Below is the body of the mail just received:

Warringah Council is working with the NSW Land and Property Management Authority to prepare a Plan of Management (the Plan) for Narrabeen Lagoon. The Plan will have as its primary objective the sustainable management and conservation of Narrabeen Lagoon.

It is important that the local community and others with an interest in the Lagoon have an opportunity to shape the Plan. Council wants to know the broad range of views about the future of the Lagoon and would like to invite several members of NobMob to participate in an interactive workshop about the values and issues that should be considered in developing the Plan.

The workshop will be independently facilitated by Straight Talk and will consist of rotational small group conversations, to give participants a chance to discuss ideas and learn from others. The workshop will be structured to ensure all important issues are sufficiently discussed, but promises to be a lively and enjoyable evening. The workshop will be held at Cromer Golf Club on Thursday 21 October 2010 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, with a light supper included.

If members of NobMob are unable to attend the workshop, participation in the consultation is available via the online discussion forum, If you have any questions about the process, or to accept the invitation to participate, please call Gabby Higgins at Straight Talk consulting, on 0427 270 622.

We look forward to your participation in the workshop.

Please see attached flyer. Meeting has bee posted in the calendar: Narrabeen Lagoon Plan of Management Community Workshop - 6:30pm, 25 October 2010

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Is this the kind of meeting where a few people with a well-designed argument have the best effect, or a bunch of people saying "we wanna ride" do.

I'm always concerned about turning up to these things and making 'us' (MTBr's) look stupid by not really preparing and lacking a well-structured conversation about the pro's and con's.

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To be honest it's just a common sense thing. At this point the are asking for what values you place on the area in question. The lagoon itself is mentioned, but recent talk of that usually includes it's catchment area, which itself includes parts of Red Hill and Oxford Falls.

There's usually a bit of talk here about a need for a track that circumnavigates the lagoon and how that would make a great beginners and family circuit. At the very least, someone needs to state that.

If one brings Red Hill and Oxford Falls into the equation it's clearly in riders interests to show up and simply state that these are great riding areas and valuable for their proximity to home and the facility they provide. Think about it - if no-one shows up and states they enjoy riding in these areas, but a whole load of other people show up and argue that riding causes erosion which silts up the lagoon and spoils their activities (as was disturbing insinuated in a DVD released locally) then what will happen?

Basically - just show up, say what you value, whatever that is, respect everyone else's opinion and it'll all be good.

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