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CTMBC Monthly Meeting 26-08-2010

Meeting opened 7.15pm

In Attendance

Craig Flynn (Chair) Darren Willis, Joel Willis. Tim Bevear. Apologies: Mick Warren

Treasurers Report

$3689.47 in S1 $ 3008.03 in S10 Aprox $5000 of cheques still to be drawn for State Dh Income Memberships and Race entries. Minutes from last meeting Read and accepted.


State DH

The evnt was a success with 219 riders. Track work received great reviews and spectators enjoyed the spills and thrills. The extra cost from the trailer repair set us back a bit but big thank to Brian Hicks for getting it sorted and looking after us on price. We have been offered a round for 2011. This year it is being run by Rocky trail promotions they organise every thing and pay $10 per rider to the club to provide track and marshals. Sound alright but there is a few issues we need to work through re service providers.

Pony Club update

Andrew from SEEC is booked in to do a site inspection to start the Soil and sediment control plans and hopefully this will mean we can get on with the job of building.


All going well. Track building got underway. We hired Valley Bob Cat services for the day to ge in and get the majority of the berms and jumps built. The bill for this should be Approximately $1000 but we will wait and see. Paul King has offered to commentate. His fee is $150/day plus accomadation.


to accept this. Darren Seconded Tim Carried Sam Hill has said he is good for the event, just waiting to pin him down with something in writing. Other big name riders including Bryn Atkinson and Chris Kovarik have expressed interest


Tuesday Night racing

to start up again in October. Council is running the Live Well Lithgow campaign again so for October we'll run a weekly 4 race series to tie in and then November resume the fortnightly Twilight Races with DH then XC


Gary Dukes has proposed a joint venture between us and the Motor bike club to host a 100km MTB race at Rydal.


Pursue the possibilities of this with Gary: Tim Seconded Tim. Carried Meeting closed
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