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$30K Grant awarded to help build new DH

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By Flynny - Posted on 29 June 2010

The Central Tablelands Mountain bike club is set to receive over $30 000 under the NSW sport and recreation facilities program

The money is to go towards the approval and construction of a new Mountain bike trail off Hassans walls into the lease held by Lithgow Pony Club in Sheedies gully.

This is great news, I'd actually thought we missed out as the announcement was delayed due to the sheer number of quality applications. The fact that we were successful shows that the State Government does take mountain biking serious as a sport"

CTMBC has been working towards this project for a couple of years now, the process stalled 12 months ago with Sydney Catchment Authority requiring the club to under take a costly soil and sediment control plan before final approval would be given to start digging.

This funding gives us the chance to tick all the right boxes in responsible, sustainable trail building and will hopefully allow us to set precedents that pave the way for trails in other areas.

A lot of work has gone into this. The area contains rare flora and fauna, suffers mine subsidence, is in Sydney Catchment, has several different land titles and needed approval from a bunch of different bodies as well as the consent and cooperation from the Lithgow Pony club.

To read about the process required to get this trail approved check out

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Top work!

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And today I got the official letter to make it officially official.

Sooooo stoked

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The hunter guys were also successful in achieving funding from this round of grants

Add to this the guys successfully lobbying Blue mt council (100 riders making it standing room only at the council meeting) for fast track approval and formalisation of new DH trails in the mt's and it's been a damn good week for MTB in NSW.!!

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