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Careflight results are up

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By Andy Bloot - Posted on 28 June 2010

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Paul King top 20

I beat my last years time by .11 second - 54.21

Team BMORC next year with jerseys

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I just scraped in ahead of you Andy.
84th, 53:20. First race ever, top 100, I'm happy with that.

I remember riding up a hill around the 14km mark, and I hear these "On your left", "On your right", "On your left", "On your right", "On your left" noises coming from behind me. Next thing I know there's another "On your left", and it's Kingy slipping between us all like an greased greyhound. I'm thinking, yeah, I'll just tuck in behind here, and get a free ride down the hill. I crest the top and he's gone, nothing but dust and a few jostled riders wobbling along in the slipstream...

Just checked the winning time: 41:50, average speed of 35.8 km/h. That's smashing it.

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1 hour 43mins riding with the missus, and still didn't come last, hopefully be better next year, felt wretched yesterday and today, was expecting to come last, but surprise!..enjoyed riding with the missus, fun and games!

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I felt I went harder and faster than last year but I was 3 minutes slower (00:54:41 this year). From speaking with a few other people the track was quite 'dead' compared to last year so hopefully that was the reason!

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Some photos should be here once they upload them.

I felt like I went much faster, but achieved the same time as last year, and last year I was recovering from a cold.

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I went much slower, 7minutes slower, but felt very weak from a cold and was carrying heaps of heavy crap in my backpack and got stuck in packs on hills and had to stop which on a SS means you can't always start up again.

But really the main reason was I just lacked any mojo for pushing it hard...

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From the "dulcet tones" of one M.Hampson post race, there was a precisely located BMORC sticker in the middle of the track near the circles. Was this a deliberate act or just a result of Todds "foreign order glue"? Eye-wink

Managed to knock just under 8 minutes off last years time with a 56:07 (55.49 net). Very happy with 29th in age group. Might have to get heated grips fitted for next year to keep the frost of the knuckles!

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Well happy with my result. 16th overall in 47.35. Good enough to get me 2nd in 15-19yo.
Hopefully the weather is a bit better in the lead-up to next year, so I can get some more riding done, and the track has a bit more speed to it.

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6min faster then last year, not bad, considering put a new crank, freewheel, chain and rims on the night before - no mechanical,
1:03 in the 40-49 and the first to finish out of my little group of 5 Al of us who finished came in under 1:10, Al binned it a Dead Man, is outer hospital surgery still an option busted collar bone and ribs

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What an awesome race, roostin down the hills was sublime, i have not this much fun in ages, I would have preffered a clean run but it was tops passing people on blind turns and riding like a maniac.
Big thanks to the lovely lady on the Pink Cannondale who gave me her only tube with 9 mins to go at the start so i could race, the old tubeless had no sealant in it on the new bike from the factory and decided to deflate, I had savage arm pump at the start but you get that on the big jobs.

Thanks to Blackman Bicycles for my machine!

Thanks to the radio announcer at the end who i bailed up for the BMORC cause he was a champion, my Garmin computer reckons my heart rate was 227 somewhere along the track, i have my doubts though, top speed of 64 kph i think that was at the bottom of the 1st big descent, most memorable moment was the first corner pulled a a 2 metre drift on cold tryes and then only grabbing traction as i hit the grass on the verge out of the apex, it was make or break stuff!

Apologies for any one I ambushed on the course i was taking some pretty gnarly lines chasing down the riders in front of me, gotta love adrenaline.

See you all up there tonight, maybe a quick bevvy after at Gearins???

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My HR Mon did the same peaked at 227, I figured out it must of been the corrugations on the oaks after the gate before Bennett’s, interfering with the sensor. I have sent my Letter but there is no way I can get back to Kat by meeting time from the city.

Can I ask how the f did you puncher 13 min from he start??

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On the Marathon site...

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Gotta love it Kingy, i mucked around with the missus until the last bermed corner coming in to the grass hill at the end, everybody sitting up there cheering, i went right up and rear wheel drifted and dropped dirt on somebody, got a big cheer for my effort, then screamed down the gras only to hit the wet stuff right at the bottom, resulting in a massive drift that i only just caught, got the HR going allright, the guy at the end on the mic was John Ebbott, he works with the missus and gave us a big spiel about missus being int.flight nurse blah blah and me being the tagalong husband!
Thanks John!

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Not a puncture a carastrophic system failure
The tubeless system had no sealant from the factory so it was reliant on met rubber contact with no leak proofing, which was unfortunate, but hey i got there in the end!

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First ever race, finished in 1:12:10 and am very happy with the result. Plenty of room for improvement!

48th in the 20-29, Pos Overall 431.

My race number was 530

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