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CTMBC Monthly meeting 03-02-2010

CTMBC club meeting


7pm Waratah room Lithgow Workmans Club

In attendance

Craig Flynn (Chair) Gary Walker Matt Walker Mick Warren Darren Mcmahon Geoff Merrick Darren Willis


2008/2009 financials still with Kym. Apparently an audit has been booked.

We currently have $3671 in the s1 account and $645 in the s10. With approx $500 to be deposited

Club still owes Craig Flynn $2000 for state champ shirts and we owe VRA a donation for marshalling the champs.

State Forest Permit has been renewed. This cost $110 for the ap and we can either estimate how many riders across the year and pay up front or pay $4.40/person/race.

Pay up front. Moved Darren W seconded Geoff Merrick. Carried

Box trailer cost approx $650 to reregister and bike trail will need a blue slip and rego.

Approximately $500 worth of membership fees need to be forwarded to MTBA

We still have not received payment from Bright Orange Events for the 2009 WWS.

New Endurance series.

A new series has been proposed. Originally it was proposed to be run by the clubs for the clubs but a new promoter has bidded on it. All other club other than us and WSMTB voted to go with the promoters.

The Promoters are Joe Ward and Fi Dick. Joe is the main camera man for cycling on SBS and his Award winning TV is largly responsible for getting MTB on SBS. Fi is a dirt Works Employee and has experience organising events at Thredbo and then with Wildhorizons.

They have proposed April 18th for our round which will be the first. Craig has asked for a contract to be drawn up with promotion to start ASAP and entries to open at least 1 month out from the event.

DH event

Craig proposed a DH event to run along side the Enduro consisting of timed runs all day.

Darren W and Matt point out that this will most likely over stretch us and would be risky in terms of timing costs. It is decided not to go with this proposal

DH State Champs

We have been offered state DH champs on the 10-11 of july.

Need to get the Ok off Gun club, Thales and council to use the old track again.

Track work need to be done. Matt proposes to build supports behind the berms on the Thunders. Craig proposes we seek one of the wood yards to donate us some planks and timber.

Pony Club track

Still trying to find the funding to do the soil and sediment control stuff for SCA.

Fund applications to a SCA grant and a Sport and Rec participation grant were rejected.

Sport and rec recommended we apply for the Infrastructure grants that close on the 16th of Feb.

Craig has begun this application and will submit it asap.


We have been asked to help put on a jam to utilise the Skate Park at IronFest.

Skateboard Journal will hold a skate jam Saturday afternoon so it is proposed we do a small jam for locals Saturday morning and then on the Sunday do something similar involving bikes.

DirtWorks and Eastern BMX donated some product to us including a BMX. Craig proposes to raffle the BMX off to raise money and use some of the proceeds to pay 1 or 2 riders to come up for the day to jam with the kids.

Meeting closed 8.15

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