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State Forest Permits

For 2010 we've had another reprieve from logging at the XC compound in Lidsdale state forests with Forests NSW delaying the operation for another 12 months.

With Brian Boyd retiring from the recreational manager we've had a couple of different contact people lately temporarily filling his job.

The latest was Abby Carmicheal who has been very helpful. The Recreational managers job will be filled shortly but Abby assures us that Forest NSW have been quite happy with us so far and don't want to leave us stranded when the current section of forest is logged.

Therefore she suggests we look at other potential areas for new trails and organise a meeting with the new manager when they are appointed.

Both Hardwood and pine sections are open for discussion.

The advantage of hardwood is that it never get logged. The dis-advantage is stricter environmental concerns, more difficult building and (I would expect) tighter scruteny

Pine has the advantage that what ever impact we have environmentally is minimal to when they come in a log also building is pretty simple. Losing the trails to logging is an issue but when you consider the 20yr cycle.. A new track every 10 or 15 years probably isn't a big issue.

Finding something in either area of forest that contains the same easy of access and event center set up may be our biggest issue.

Anyway attached are copys of the "conditions of use" Special Permit" and Building trails" guidelines.

All club members are encouraged to read over them, especially those that help in building and maintaining the trails, to better understand the obligations and responsibilities the club must comply with to secure ongoing access with Forest NSW

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