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CTMBC Monthly Meeting 05-03-2009

Meeting opened 7.15pm

In Attendance

Craig Flynn (Chair) Kym Townsend. Mal Townsend. Matt Walker. Darren Willis, Brett Blackman. Tim Bevear. Steve Bevear

Treasurers Report

Approximately $1000 in the bank with a cheque just gone out for $504

Expenditure this month
New web hosting package. $230
Form 12 Reports to Fair Trading x 7 $504

Income Memberships and Race entries.

Minutes from last meeting

Read and accepted.

Business Arising

Pony Club Update

Still no correspondence from SCA to either us or council. Council gave them 7 days to contact us re what they require or else they would finallise the DA without them. This time limit is now up so DA to be put back in front of council at next Planning and Development meeting.

Hopefully the result of this will be that we at least get the go ahead to begin "Light trail work". Trail building days to be set in calendar for once sunday a month and to be advertised.

Funding will need to be sought.
Ideas to pursue.

1)Letters to be sent to all Mines in the area, Delta, The Workmans Club, Corrective services and other asking for cash or in kind donations. Kym to put letter togther, Craig and Matt to help with what in kind donations needed.

2)Offer to name bits of trail in the return for cash donations?

3)Continue seeking suitale grant funding.

Look into day release, probation and work for dole programs as possible sources for trail building


To have a better chance at being successful in obtaining funding grants or donations Kym suggests applying to sport and rec to become a tax deductable entity. This would mean any company making donations to us would be able to claim them back as a tax deduction. Applications cost $275.

Motion: To go ahead with the application.
Moved Matt. Seconded Darrin. All in favour. Carried.


Website has been down for 3 weeks due to it taking longer than expected to transfer the Doman name,, across to the new host.
The new host package will enable a much more user friendly site that is easy to update. The bones of the new site should be back online sometime next week and Matt will then continue t make the necessary modifications to make it look better.

Twilight Series

Twilight Series finishes this Tuesday (That being the extra round that was postponed earlier)

So far 80 individual riders have taken part across the series with 42 Dher and 38 XCers, our most ballanced series todate.

Cross country to start a new series and continue on each 2 weeks for a further 4 rounds as an "into the Darkness series"
Timers required. Matt and Brett have offered to time other helpers welcome

Winter Series

Winter series to work in with State Races.
State DH is set down for first weekend of the month. State XC set down for mostly the 3rd weekend.

Same format as last year ei Rego at 10, XC start 11. Lunch then DH.

Away trips and special race. Again work in with WS for an away trip for both XC and DH.

Also a DH away trip to Ourimbah and to looking the possibilty of using the Gun Club track for a round to get away fromt he Lidsdale DH trails

DH way trips to be the Ourimbah round before their state race and the Del Rio round before their State Race. Look into posibility of running Gun Cub the other 3 rouds at Lidsdale. Invite WS and CCO up for a round on Pony Club trail to bed in when complete. Craig to make the necessary arrangements.

XC away trip WS round, preferably a blue Gum Lodge round.

State Races

We have round 4 of the State XC at Lidsdale and the State DH Champs on the Pony Club trail when Complete

Motion. Craig and Kym to begin making necessary arrangements including to begin to book required items such as toilets, timing and transport as well as seeking sponsorship. CMoved Darren, Seconded Matt. All in faour. Carries.

General Business

Skills Days

AMBCs have been contacted reguarding running a "Home town Advantage" clinic at Lidsdale for club members only. They are offering a good discount and we have had enough expressions of interest to go ahead with it.
Motion. Craig to make necessary arrangements, liassing with AMBC and interested club members to picka suitable date.
Moved Matt Seconded Brett. All in Favour carried.

Darren has been discussing the posibilty of a DH skill day for the younger club members to be hosted by an Elite DH rider.
Limited nimbers only so first in best dressed. Due to track and host avaiability it may have to be done on a week day, necassatating the kids take a day off school to attend.
Motion. Darren to liase with interested parties and make the necessary arrangement, Craig to help.
Moved Brett Seconded Mal. All in favour. Carried.

Social Day
Kym spoke to serval parents and riders at the end of the Club Champs race and it was suggested a social night/dinner be arranged for everyone to meet and greet each other.
Motion. Kym to make the necessary arrangements to facitlite a end of season social get together as a finish to the twilight series.
Move Mal Seconded Matt. All in favour. carried.

Date for next meeting.
2-4-09 7pm Ogradies tavern

Meeting Closed 8pm

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