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CTMBC Monthly Meeting 09-04-2009

Meeting opened

In Attendance

Craig Flynn (Chair) Kym Townsend. Mal Townsend. Matt Walker. Darren Willis, Joel Willis, Brett Blackman, Dan Whyte, Mick Warren.

Treasurers Report

Approximately $1900 in the bank. Still owe St Johns a donation for the Club DH champs

Income Memberships and Race entries.

Minutes from last meeting

Read and accepted.

Business Arising

Pony Club Update

DA went to a council meeting on the 27th of March,Craig and Darren attended.

All sounded positive, the planning department were just asking councils permission to proceed how they saw fit without the need to bring it back to council. As council have a controlling interest inthe land this could not be granted and the final report needs to come back in to be voted on.

It was asked that this be done ASAP. Next meeting is an extra-ordinary meeting on the 14th of April.

Craig has since spoken to Jim Nichols in the planing department. SCA has finally submitted their reply so he now has every thing he needs to do the report but had doubts it would be complete before the 14th, if not it would go to the ordinary meeting the week later. Council will let us know so we can attend.

Mr Nichols did indicate it should be a positive recommendation for council to give it the go ahead, however there will be certain conditions placed on it that we will need to comply with.

Dep Lands wants to insure that the area is covered by a lease arrangement, so boundary's of the Pony Club lease will haveto be checked. If any of the trail is found to be outside this CTMBC will have to take out a lease on the area. This may mean we need to get additional insurance.

Other conditions include a Risk Management policy. Craig has made a start on this and will ask Gary Walker to go over it and get his advise. As both a Mining Deputy and MTB Commissaire Gary may have some more knowledge on how to draw it up.

Some of the things to come out of looking through IMBAs Risk management stuff were the need for

  • A vision statement for the trail
  • A trail building policy
  • A maintenance team who conduct and record monthly inspections
  • A consistant sign system that warns of upcoming dangers.

Matters arising.

Look into the posibility of a gate at the bottom with a sign advising riders to dismount for horses.

Keep Pony Club advised as to when the DA is going to go back to council

Social Night

Kym still looking into doing a social/awrds night. Dates to be considered at the stage include the 9th or 16th of May. At the Workmans Club with the posibility of making up a slide show of photos from the year.

General Business

Away trip to Ourimbah

A bus has been booked for the Ourimbah trip on the 26th of April.

Bus will be $40pp made up and first in first served. Contact Craig to confirm your spot and pay.

Trailer will be modified to better carry the bikes. We should have the materials to do this at zero cost.

Bathurst Cycling Venue

Bathurst council has set aside money to create a complete cycling facility and is currently looking into serveal propsosed sites.

Mick Warren reports

The scope includes

  • 24hr stye XC course.
  • Short XC Course.
  • BMX Track
  • Road crit area
  • Velodrome
    • Mick suggest at least one spot may have the potential for a short DH trail

      We will follow this development with interest and offer our support and advise if required.

      Mick also sugguests we look into including a Dirt category in the Blaney to Bathurst next year as there are routes available. Mick to look into this more and get back to us.

      Meeting Closed 8pm

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