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Racing: what do I need

To race you need a few basic things

* A bike in good working order, including 2 working brakes.

* Solid bar plugs in the end of youe handle bars, (the dreaded cookie cutter injury is never pleasant).

* A standards approved helmet. For XC Austrailian Standard is needed. For DH a Full Face type helmet is required with Australian or equivant international Standards approval. Enduro is under going review with 'Gravity' style races requiring Full Face helmets.

Note: Stake style "potty" helmets are not accepted by MTBA.

* License. A License is required to race. This can be purchased as a "day License" for $15 at club rounds. Or you can take out a yearly license which is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and will cover you at any MTBA sanctioned event around the country.

MTBA also runs free membership trials from time to time so check out the mTBA site prior to coming out to race as it may save you the $20 day licence fee

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