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2009 Highland Fling Ticket up for grabs

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By Mustangmo - Posted on 25 October 2009

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Sadly I can no longer make the fling. So my ticket it up for grabs..

Thought this would be the easiest way to move it on

You might grab a bargin!

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Half or full ?

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According to the eBay post.

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i hope this does not sell for more than the original price
As this would not be good for future events.
imagine X amount of people buying lots of entries to then later sell on ebay for a profit.
You should of just sold it for orginal Price to the first person who contacted you, its the fairest way


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I agree with Don - you really should withdraw this entry from eBay and offer it at the original price on this site. It's already hard enough to get a ticket to this event - we don't want to encourage scalpers!


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I just offered a fling entry on this site and it sold (at the original price) in just 2 minutes.

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What ever happened with people who are against ticket scalping just making a new ebay account or an existing one and bidding on the item high enough to win and not going ahead with the purchase?
Does it work or is there a way around it for the seller?
If this guy didn't intend to make a profit he could have listed the item "Buy it now" for the original price on ebay or here.
In saying this I'm not encouraging people to really do this to this poor guy.
No, really I'm not.

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HI I also have a half fling entry available as I am unable to use it if anyone wants to buy it for cost($90 ).

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I'll call you on your mobile to arrange payment.

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If JP doesn't take it, can i be second in line?

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I will contact you if it falls through;Thanks

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Up to $123.51.

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to get a ticket, then why arent event promoters holding more races? for the fling to sell out in 5 hours theres obviously demand. to lower demand, increase the number of tickets available by holing more events, or put up the price. at $90 a ticket its already quite expensive so i cant see why they arent creating more events.

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I was thinking along similar lines to Tate appears to me, that to hold an event requires an awful lot of work, an awful lot of money and a very skilled team.

I wonder if the MTB events we all flock to actually make much profit, or could sustain regular wages for all the people who currently volunteer? Can you imagine running the Scott 24 on a budget of $250,000? I reckon the insurance would eat a large chunk before you started on infrastructure.

I don't suppose any of the organisers will reveal their financials here, but with the level of event sponsorship apparently required I doubt we will see a plethora of new events any time soon. Hope I'm wrong.

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PLZ withdraw the ticket from ebay, this is the first time I've seen a ticket for a popular MTB event go up on ebay, this is not the done thing, if you can't make an event pass the ticket on for the price you paid or at least pop it up on ebay with a buy now which covers your costs.

There's almost an unwritten law that says amoungst the MTB community "thou shalt not profit from a fellow rider" - rather like when a rider is broken down or hurt you stop to help, even if your winning the race.

PLZ withdraw the ticket from of all places "EBAY".

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then why not just let Huw or Fi at Wild Horizons know about it.

I'm sure it wouldn't be hard for them to do something about it, like cancel the entry

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... as it's only one and they are in full 'operational' swing then he's going to leave it this time. Which sounds like if this happens more he will do something about it.

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