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Something different for Darkness

Hey guys for the next darkness series round we thinking of trying this loop for something different

Lap times should be a little quicker as both fire rd sections are down hill and will be fast so we'll see ho wit goes. meet at the concrete rd end

A grade 6 laps
B grade 4 laps
C grade 2 laps

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Darkness #1 postponed

Hey guys due to the weather I'm postponing the round tonight

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Lidsdale Logging latest info

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Just got this in my inbox

Hi Craig

This is just a heads up that the Lidsdale Forest (north of the Highway), is earmarked for harvesting in early Autumn in 2011.

While this does not affect your events planned this year, after Easter next year, there will be no activities or events approved in this area due to

Forestry Operations.

Hopefully, this lead time will allow you to identify some other potential sites. As a suggestion, if you able, there are large AO maps of each Forest available for purchase

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8hr entries are open

Hey all the course I want to use is this one

it gives us about 10km

A little bit of work needs to be done as there are a couple of tree down across the track.
The climb up beside the fire rd to get to the northern fire trail needs a rake as does a few other bits.

IF anyone has time to get out there and just give it a bit of love please do. My weekends are tied up but I plan to spend a couple of afternoons or early mornings out there

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club news

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Hi gang a couple of things on the go at the mo

1. 8hr Entries for the SRAM Singletrack Mind Series are NOW OPEN!

Fi and Joe came up and got a bit of promo footage at the twilight on Tuesday (again I apologise to the DH crew for pulling timed run with out notice but if this goes off well it should be a good little earner for our club and funds generated will go away towards finalising the new DH trail)

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Meeting with 8hr Promoters

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Hey all.

Fi and Joe of chocolate foot wish to come up to get a bit of promotional footage for the upcoming 8hr and nut out the rest of the details.

The plan at this stage is for them to come out the the last Twilight round this Tuesday.
They need to get a bit of footageof xc while the light is still good so if peeps can turn up around 5-5.30 that would be awesomeness.

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