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Newtons Nation

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Well Newtons Nation is done and dusted (or is that muddied) for 2010

Little disappointed with the number of entries but that was more than made up for by the quality

Thanks to Simon Rollin of Mojo Events and the whole team behind Newtons for inviting us along and making sure we were looked after, including bringing Sam Hill out and chipping in $5K cash prizes.

Big thanks to Nathan and the guys at Blackmans Bicycles for the tech support and Junior prizes. It's refreshing to have someone hounding us to come on board as sponsor.

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Pony Club DH a step closer

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Ok Just got this back from Dr Bob Banens of the Sydney Catchment Authority

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Become a commissaire

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As we know from January first all club races need to be officiated by a Commissaire. At this stage no commissaire no race. We have some XC guys signed up but at this stage no one for DH. I repeat again no commissaires no racing.

So we need some more people to sign up to be accredited so we can spread the load.
You can do the course on line

and Gary Walker can pass you with the practical.

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Lidsdale Clean up: Help needed

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As every know logging in Lidsdale has been brought forward 12 months.

As a result we need to get in and clean up.

It's very important that we remove all old bunting so that it does not clog the logging machines and especially important any metal screws or staples as they can be a danger to personnel operating the machines.

If every one can donate an 1hr of their time over the next couple of weeks and do one section that would be great.

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Club comissaires needed

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From 2011 all races including club races must be covered by a comissaire.

The Comissaire is responsible for making sure rules are stuck to and tec reg are applied.

It basically someone to sign off on racing.

We're lucky enough Have both Gary Walker, who is one of MTBA's senior Comissaires, and Mick Stains already accredited they can't make every race so it would be great to get a few more people signed up to spread the load.

At club level races you're still allowed to race when doing the comissaires role.

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NPWS Discussion Paper ideas

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Ok by now hopefully every one has made some comments on the online form but dont forget you can also email in a response.

Nik Bowman of as put together the following list of points. Feel free to use some or all of it in your own submission and email it to

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Committte positions vacant

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Hi All after last nights AGM several positions remain vacant on the committee. We really need volunteers to step forward and help out. If all the positions are filled no one person has to do too much.

As it stands the new committee looks like

President. Craig Flynn, elected unopposed

VPDH. Matt Walker nomination unopposed pending agreement

VPXC. Tim Bevear, elected unopposed

Tressurer. No nominees. Vacant

Secretary. Mick Warren, elected unopposed

Public officer. No nominees. Vacant

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Just a reminder that the 2010 Annual General Meeting is set the take place Thursday 23rd. 7pm at the workies

We need to elect a committee

I got a bit caught up in kids sport this year and as a result club rounds have been a bit haphazard, It would be nice to take more of a back seat roll this year so more people willing to take on VP rolls and work together to organise and run races would be nice.

Kym no longer wishes to be treasurer. So someone to take over where Kym has left off you be great

These include

Public Officer

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NPWS discussion paper

SYDNEY'S mountain bikers have always been hampered by one thing - a conspicuous lack of proper mountain trails.

Instead they have independently, usually illegally, carved their own tracks through national parks around the city fringes.

This could be about to change, with the state government to release a discussion paper today on ways of balancing the needs of the state's 30,000 dedicated mountain bike riders with those of people who go to national parks for the trees and wildlife, peace and quiet.

From SMH here:

DECCW media release is here:

And the paper is supposed to be here from today (not up as of 07:00):

I cannot stress enough how important it is that everyone back this initiative! This means comment, comment, comment. Nothing is going to happen unless mountain bike riders show they have the numbers to justify proper facilities.

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Live Well Lithgow:Here comes summer XC series

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Live Well Lithgow is a joint initiative between Sydney West Health and Lithgow City council to promote healthy living to our residents.

We're happy to be pitching in with weekly Tuesday night races at our Lidsdale state forest venue through out October.

All riders are welcome. Entries cost $5 + license fees (day licenses are available for $15)

Lights are essential and we recommend at least a 5w halogen equivalent.

Laps consist of 3 to 5km loops and we will try and use a few different loops throughout the series and riders have the option of completing 1 to 6 laps

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Support a good cause

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I don't normally pass on this sort of stuff but Will and Edith are bloody nice people so

Will use to be a regular face at the Tuesday night and Sunday Club races

Hi all,

Edith (My Wife) and I and a small team of friends will 'Go with the flow' (team name!) walking 45km's in a day for charity fundraising, on Saturday 18th September.

We are both aiming to raise at least $150 each and all the funds raised will go towards much needed education and training programs, as well as programs for women and children in East Timor. More information can be read at the link below.

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Pony Club Update

Had a site inspection today with Andrew from SEEC. He really knows his stuff. There are a couple of areas of concern that we need to work out solutions for but at least it's moving forward. There will be a bit more toing and froing while we get together something he is happy with and then it goes back to Sydney Catchment.

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Club round on the 22nd August

Hey all

Due to family, work commitments neither me or Skinny is available to run this round so I'm hoping someone is willing to stick up their hand to run it.

Timing is pretty basic and if it's not 100% spot on it doesn't really matter.

So if there are any volunteers let me know and we will go through whats needed. If not we'll have to cancel.

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Erosion and sediment control workshop at Yellomundee- Saturday 14th August 2010.

Hey all.

NPWS has been consulting with WSMTB and are offering a soil and sediment control workshop to educate track workers.

This is to take place at the Yellomundi XC track near Winmalee.

Some members may find it a handy course as we prepare to start building the pony club

More info and contact details here

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Friday Afternoon social/training rides

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Stappo is hoping to get a regular crew together for Training rides of a Friday afternoon. Meeting at the workmans club car park at 4pm

Riders of all abilities are welcome and there is a few beginners in the group already

The plan is to head out and up the drift.

It's an out and back ride and the first 5km is definately the hardest as the drift is a big challenge.
So beginners can turn back at any time while the more experienced guys push on

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Newtons Nation: Bands Announced

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Newton's Nation is excited to announce the 1st release music line up and early bird ticket release exclusively to our passport members; public release is on Monday 2nd August.

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2010 NSWMTB DH Champs results

Bob is having dramas with getting things up on

In the mean time provisional results attached

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Twenty60 entries open Monday

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The whole Newtons things is back on and while we don't have on road time this year CTMBC has been given the chance to run a DH at the event, which takes place the last weekend of November in Bathurst NSW

Newtons is a 3 day "Action sports and Music festival".

It is based around a World Cup Luge and DH skate boarding round down the infamous Mt Panorama V8 race track.

Anyway below is the press blurb, hope you like the idea

Twenty60 Downhill Offers $5K Prize Purse!

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2010 State DH Champs

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Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th July
Thales Rifle range, top of Finlay ave Littleton

Spectators are asked to use the bottom car park. Anyone wishing to travel tot he top of the trail should make use off the free shuttle buses. Please do not drive yourself to the top of Hassans Walls rd as parking is very limited and we want to keep traffic congestion to a minimum.

The Rifle Club will be offering a BBQ ,including breakfast, throughout the weekend

Time line:
Friday: Set up. track will need to be finished off with bunting and signs.

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$30K Grant awarded to help build new DH

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The Central Tablelands Mountain bike club is set to receive over $30 000 under the NSW sport and recreation facilities program

The money is to go towards the approval and construction of a new Mountain bike trail off Hassans walls into the lease held by Lithgow Pony Club in Sheedies gully.

This is great news, I'd actually thought we missed out as the announcement was delayed due to the sheer number of quality applications. The fact that we were successful shows that the State Government does take mountain biking serious as a sport"

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Old bathurst rd final report to Council

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Hey all it's been 3 months since Blue Mt councilors chose to go against the Council recommendation of formalising the Old Bathurst Rd DH track and have them shut down instead.

In that meeting councilors promised to conduct a new study into alternative locations with in 3 months.

A report is due to go back to council at the next meeting. We're expecting it to back up the finding of the original report, ie that Old Bat was the most suitable place for DH trails.

Anyway, one of the problems we had when it first went to council was that just 9 riders turned up to the meeting.

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Volunteer for the State Champs

Hey all we are seeking volunteers to help run the State Champs on July 10th and 11th

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Darkness #4 caned

Due to the wetness falling from the sky tonights Darkness race in cancelled

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2010 CTMBC Winter Series #1

Just a reminder that the winter series kicks off this Sunday (23-5-10).

Please note that this round will not be at Lidsdale.

XC will be at Clint Blowes' property on Mt Lambie
Full details and directions can be found here

DH will be on the south side trail

Other round details can be found by looking at the calendar and then clicking on an event.

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