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Pony Club update

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Frustratingly little to report.

The requested soil and sediment control plan was past by SVC and submitted to council in October with a request to organise the necessary site walk. Early in the new year it was deemed that before council could organise the walk they needed to do a pre walk to conduct a risk assessment.

The assessment walk took place late February.

Still waiting for the assessment report to come back.

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Enter the darkness #3 report

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School holidays lead to a slightly smaller turn out to the Tuesday night mountain bike races at Rydal for round #3 of the Stella Maris Mining Services/Centennial coal "Enter the Darkness" series.

A cool, clear night allowed for some great racing with close battles going on throughout the field.

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Enter the darkenss #2 and state champs report

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Despite the end of daylight saving good numbers continue to show up to Tuesday night mountain bike racing at Rydal.
30 riders donned lights and took to the course for round #2 of the Stella Maris Mining services/Centennial coal "Enter the Darkness" series with some riders having their first experience with night riding.
With LED technology making lights cheaper, brighter and lighter than ever before it makes for spectacular scenes as the riders light snake their way around the twisty forest track.

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OK if anyone has renewed their license on line lately you probably saw the "Join IMBA AU" option and thought what the hell is IMBA

In other countries The International Mountain Bike Association has been the main driving force for trail access for general riders as opposed to a the strictly race orientated governing body.

These guys collect and commission studies and like into sustainable trail design and use that to lobby governments at higher levels for better MTB access. They also publish trail design guides that are fast becoming the world standard.

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Just got News that Joel has taken 2nd, less than half a second down, in the u15 DH at the National Champs in rAdalaide.

Nice work mate.

Bender rides later today.

In XC CJ took the win. Not sure what happened but it has Chad down with a DNF...

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Young Athlete sporting grants

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Do you know a Local Sporting Champion?

Are you, or do you know, a dedicated young athlete, coach or official participating in a state or national sporting championships? Are you aged 12-18 years old travelling further than 250km return for a state or national championships?

If yes, then you or your team could be eligible for a Local Sporting Champions grant to help meet costs such as uniforms, travel, accommodation and equipment.

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Hot laps

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We've had this feature for ages but I hadn't really pushed. It maybe a useful training tool for all those brave enough to admit they have been doing some.

Basically you create a challenge
This could be... Rydal short course anti clockwise.... Hassans Walls sign post at bottom up to look out... Bonaventure rd Rydal to Mt Lambe... Whatever. If you have one in mind let me know and I'll post it up.

As an example I've done one on the trail we ran at Rydal for round #2

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Race report 18-01-11

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Club racing report: 18-1-11

Tuesday Night mountain bike racing kicked off again with the Central Tablelands Mountain Bike Club's twilight series starting up again for 2011.

With our traditional venue in the pine forest at Wallerawang undergoing logging operations the club, with the help of major sponsorship from Stella Maris Mining Services and Centennial Coal, are developing a new venue in the state forest near Rydal.

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BMORC BBQ fundraiser

Just a reminder that our Blue Mts riding mates are hosting a BBQ this Saturday to help them raise money for the Knapsack park trails at Glenbrook

The BBQ will be at Jamisontown Bunning Warehouse

full details

The guys are saying bring bikes and appetites

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New XC track building, Sunday 9th Jan

Hey all

as the loggers have moved in we need to get an alternative track up and running.

We're heading out this sunday for a build day and it would be great to have all hands on deck.

check out for the details

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MTBA christmas Newsleter

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From the President
I want to wish everyone a happy and safe festive season as we wind down for the Christmas Holidays - more time to get on the bike. To all the volunteers who make our sport possible, a huge thank-you to you all for your dedication and support this year.

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Just got word that the graders are in fixing up the roads for logging so the trees wont last much longer. Get in and ride the trails while you can and expect some trail building days soonish. Remember many hands make light work and all that

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2011 Singletrack Mind series

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Media Release – Friday 17 December 2010
SRAM Singletrack Mind Enduro Series - Bigger and Better in 2011

Following the success of the inaugural SRAM Singletrack Mind Series, event organiser Chocolate Foot has expanded the series to 6 rounds in 2011. With the ongoing support of the world’s most innovative component manufacturer SRAM, the series will continue to offer excellent prizes and prize money while also offering riders the opportunity to race on the best singletrack in NSW and the ACT.

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Warning: Myrtle Rust discovered in the Blue Mts

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"What is Myrtle Rust?
Myrtle Rust (Uredo rangelii) is a newly described fungus that is closely related to the Eucalyptus/Guava rusts. These rusts are serious pathogens which affect plants belonging to the family Myrtaceae including Australian natives like bottle brush (Callistemon spp.), tea tree (Melaleuca spp.) and eucalypts (Eucalyptus spp.).

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Local riders rep at tassie

National DH 12 took place in the outskirts of Hobart on the weekend

We were well represented with

Joel Willis taking out 3rd in the U15

Dan Bender stepped up to U19s and placed 24th

The race was taken out by former Blue Mts Local and close friend of the club Rick Boyer with Shaun OConnor in Second and Rhys Atkinson in 3rd.

Cillian Kennedy just missed out on a top 10 finish slotting in 11th

full results

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Centennial Sponsorship

Centennial Coal, western operations has kindly donated $500 towards the general running of the club and twilgiht racing.

Centennial joins Stella Maris Mining Services, C&W Printing, Mark O Toole Electrical and Insane Cycles as proud supporters of the Central Tablelands Mountain Bike Club and we thank them all for their generous donations.

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Newtons Nation

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Well Newtons Nation is done and dusted (or is that muddied) for 2010

Little disappointed with the number of entries but that was more than made up for by the quality

Thanks to Simon Rollin of Mojo Events and the whole team behind Newtons for inviting us along and making sure we were looked after, including bringing Sam Hill out and chipping in $5K cash prizes.

Big thanks to Nathan and the guys at Blackmans Bicycles for the tech support and Junior prizes. It's refreshing to have someone hounding us to come on board as sponsor.

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Pony Club DH a step closer

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Ok Just got this back from Dr Bob Banens of the Sydney Catchment Authority

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Become a commissaire

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As we know from January first all club races need to be officiated by a Commissaire. At this stage no commissaire no race. We have some XC guys signed up but at this stage no one for DH. I repeat again no commissaires no racing.

So we need some more people to sign up to be accredited so we can spread the load.
You can do the course on line

and Gary Walker can pass you with the practical.

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Lidsdale Clean up: Help needed

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As every know logging in Lidsdale has been brought forward 12 months.

As a result we need to get in and clean up.

It's very important that we remove all old bunting so that it does not clog the logging machines and especially important any metal screws or staples as they can be a danger to personnel operating the machines.

If every one can donate an 1hr of their time over the next couple of weeks and do one section that would be great.

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Club comissaires needed

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From 2011 all races including club races must be covered by a comissaire.

The Comissaire is responsible for making sure rules are stuck to and tec reg are applied.

It basically someone to sign off on racing.

We're lucky enough Have both Gary Walker, who is one of MTBA's senior Comissaires, and Mick Stains already accredited they can't make every race so it would be great to get a few more people signed up to spread the load.

At club level races you're still allowed to race when doing the comissaires role.

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NPWS Discussion Paper ideas

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Ok by now hopefully every one has made some comments on the online form but dont forget you can also email in a response.

Nik Bowman of as put together the following list of points. Feel free to use some or all of it in your own submission and email it to

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Committte positions vacant

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Hi All after last nights AGM several positions remain vacant on the committee. We really need volunteers to step forward and help out. If all the positions are filled no one person has to do too much.

As it stands the new committee looks like

President. Craig Flynn, elected unopposed

VPDH. Matt Walker nomination unopposed pending agreement

VPXC. Tim Bevear, elected unopposed

Tressurer. No nominees. Vacant

Secretary. Mick Warren, elected unopposed

Public officer. No nominees. Vacant

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Just a reminder that the 2010 Annual General Meeting is set the take place Thursday 23rd. 7pm at the workies

We need to elect a committee

I got a bit caught up in kids sport this year and as a result club rounds have been a bit haphazard, It would be nice to take more of a back seat roll this year so more people willing to take on VP rolls and work together to organise and run races would be nice.

Kym no longer wishes to be treasurer. So someone to take over where Kym has left off you be great

These include

Public Officer

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NPWS discussion paper

SYDNEY'S mountain bikers have always been hampered by one thing - a conspicuous lack of proper mountain trails.

Instead they have independently, usually illegally, carved their own tracks through national parks around the city fringes.

This could be about to change, with the state government to release a discussion paper today on ways of balancing the needs of the state's 30,000 dedicated mountain bike riders with those of people who go to national parks for the trees and wildlife, peace and quiet.

From SMH here:

DECCW media release is here:

And the paper is supposed to be here from today (not up as of 07:00):

I cannot stress enough how important it is that everyone back this initiative! This means comment, comment, comment. Nothing is going to happen unless mountain bike riders show they have the numbers to justify proper facilities.

Best Mountain Bike