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Volunteers needed for commissaires

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OK I've been a bit slack and should have had this organised this ages ago.

From the first of January to comply with our insurance through MTBA we have to have a commissaire at all official events.

A Commissaire just looks after safety and makes sure the rules are being follow.

AT least they now let you ride at club events too so at club level it's pretty much just checking the track and handling the protests(not that we've ever had one at club level.)

Any way you can do the course and be approved on line

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Morons on Pony Express. Please get off and walk

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To the fools riding Pony Express last Sunday (4-11-2012) that were to arrogant to get off and walk through the pony club grounds, you are going to ruining it for all of us.

Hi Craig

Sorry but I have to let you know we had some bike riders on Sunday not getting off their bikes and walking through. We all realize that you can’t monitor and keep everyone keeping to the rules. We talked about getting a permanent sign put up at the end of the track. As it’s very possible the riders might not even be from your club.

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Choclate foot says thanks

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Dear Flynny, Skinny, Tim, Steve, Lincoln, Ian, Alan and all the many other volunteers from CTMBC who were involved in Sunday’s race!
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Rydal 8hr images and reports

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Some great photo galleries and reports coming in.

Solo rider Ed McDonald eats some donuts and wins the race

Bethany Thompson didn't have such a good race but still managed to have a great day

Robert Conroy always does a great job covering the race scene at The Roost

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STM 8hr prep: what needs to be done

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Ok all it's that time of year again. Time to shw case our trails and club to the wider community at the Single Track Mind 8hr.

After a bit of deliberation we decided not to use the new bit of trail this year. It's a little brutal just yet and we need time to clean it up, fix the ruts and switch back the hill so we'll run with basically the same course as last year.

So the trail needs a little tidy up. Just a light rake and clearing out some over taking options.

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Rydal preview

Heading out to Rydal Tuesday morning around 9:30 am to shoot some video for the choc foot eight hour. Anyone is welcome to join in. It's your chance to get your face on the choc foot website to promote the Rydal round.

Let us know who's in.

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Single track mind special offer to Ctmbc members

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Ok guys fi and joe are offering hosting club specials on their merchandise before our 8 hr


We’re really looking forward to bringing the Singletrack Mind Series to Rydal once again in 2012. It’s always a pleasure to work with CTMBC and by way of thanks, we’d like to offer club members discounts on our event merchandise. We have a Series t-shirt and a Series jersey, available in both men & women’s cuts.

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Tuesday Night Racing is back

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It's back, Tuesday Night Racing at Rydal.

If you could click the star in the calendar to show your intention of coming so we get an idea of numbers that would be great.

Kick off is 6 so 5:45pm rego opens, if you are new or need to renew your license please turn up earlier rather than later.

Rounds 1 through 4 all riders will require lights before being allowed to start.

Rounds 5-8 riders wishing to do the full 3 lap will need lights.

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Race report from the Roost

Words pictures and video from Bobby and his crew

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State Dh:Volunteers needed

We are hosing a state DH again this year. this time at the Brand new Pony Xpress trail,

As usual we need volunteers for marshaling and timing to make sure it all runs smoothly.

The event runs Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of August, 8-4. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Jerseys are here!!

Woot woot!

Jersey showed up today so I'll have them available Tuesday night so bring your cash and you too can look the part

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Newtons Nations preperartion: Workers needed

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Once again we've been given the opportunity to take part in the Newtons Nation festival to be held on April 27-29.

This time around Rocky Trail Entertainment has been brought in to run the mtb stuff and we just need to get the trails ready and supply marshals. The area is very overgrown and due to other commitments I am struggling to orgainise mass work day so I'm hoping people, especially locals, are willing put in a couple of hours here and there when they have time to clean up the trials and ride them in.

Here is a brief outline of what needs doing.

Dual Slalom

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Lights for Tuesday night Racing

With afternoon light fading quickly, especially in overcast weather, Lights will now be a must for Tuesday night racing from here on in.

If don't have atleast one working front light you wont be able to race.

We recommend at least a 5w halogen equivalent.

You can get powerful el chepo LED from just about any where from as little as $99 and I've known guys to tape dolphon torches tro their heads but if you are after something top notch check out the Aussie madeK-lites from out good friend Kerry Stait.

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Ride Queenstown with Lower 45

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I don't normally put up ads but Nathan Rennie has been a friend of the club for a long time and his new guided tour company is offering clubs a discount deal only riding Queenstown.

Lower 45 would like to invite your local Mountain Bike Club to Queenstown!

Coming up this summer, Lower 45 Bike Camps is giving a shout out to all major MTB Clubs in Australia to come and enjoy what Queenstown has to offer.

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Club Kit

OK all,

a few people have asked and Paul of iKou has done up a design so lets get serious and gauge interest

Depending on numbers the Jerseys cost around $80 each to get done with it getting cheaper if we order over 20. If I can get some sponsorship we may get the price down again but at this satge let go with the $80 just in case.

Nix ~$90 or Bibs $105ish

So lets have a show of hands and once I have a better idea of numbers I'll get an exact quote and sizing samples

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Chocolate Foot says thanks

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Just got this from Fi and Joe

Dear Flynny and the rest of CTMBC

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You ay or may not have noticed a couple of additions to our Friends Page but I thought I'd add a little bit extra here

Paul Whitfeld from iKou has done us up a great new logos and some fresh trail signs for Rydal. Look out for the new banners which will hopefully be ready to fly on Sunday

Brad and Maree Dugan from Stella Maris Mining Services continue to offer us support in anything we need

Centennical coal haa just committed another $500 towards general running costs for 2012.

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Rydal 8hr Promo Video

Here's the promo video Joe made up for us.

Thanks to every one who came out and rose around on a cold wet morning to get this done

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Rydal 8hr, what needs to be done.

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OK all. This is fast approaching so I thought I'd post up here what needs to be done in the lead up, on the day and afterwards.

Lead up

Finish trail:

Couple of little touch ups needed (I'll be out there Saturday arv)

  • Fix up the entrance into the new section that by passes bottom fire rd
  • Berm up the bottom corner where the new "dump section" crosses the road and joins to the older section
  • Cut last bit of single trail near cemetery to keep riders away from the main road.
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    New look website

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    As you may or may not know Robin Rainton of fame had built, maintained and hosted our website for free for the last coupe of years.

    I hope everyone agrees that it's a great little resource with some awesome function.

    To spice it up Paul Whitfeld had redesigned the logo, header and back ground. I hope you like it.

    If you're ever lucky enough to meet Rob make sure you shout him a drink of choice.

    If you ever need to earn some brownie points for a riding leave pass head over to Pauls company, and get your better half some pampering.

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    Volunteers for 8hr

    We are still looking for volunteers to help out at the 8hr on Sunday the 23rd.

    A few more marshals would be nice as would 2 or 3 people willing to help the chocolate foot people out with timing and general running about.

    If you can help out please let me know.

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    Family fun day at Kanangra Classic

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    Hey all, Jules Bros from NPs has organised a Family Fun day for the Saturday before the Kanangra Classic

    She was hoping to have a club presence and someone to do some basic bike maintenance demos.

    Things are hectic for me at the moment so I can't make it.

    Anyone else able to head out, put up the tent and club banner and just talk us up, possibly doing the maintenance stuff too.

    If so I can lend tools and equipment so let me know if you are able to help out.

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    2011 agm

    This was originally planned for Sunday the 25th of September but due to the weather and stuff we didn't get a quorum (didn't have enough people to make the meeting official) so we'll do it on Tuesday the 4th October after the club round

    Best Mountain Bike