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The Big Give Away

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Big News.

CTMBC is giving away a trip for 2 for a 6 day MTB tour at Rotorua
It's going to be a random draw at the end of the year.
To get a ticket in the draw all you need to do is

  1. accumulate 10instances of either entering a club round, timing a club round or participating in an official trail maintenance day
  2. Enter or volunteer for the Sheep Stations Fiddy K
  3. enter or volunteer for one of the 4 season races

It's that simple.

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Hazard reduction burn Lidsdale State forest Rydal

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I was advised by the State Forest fire team that stage 1 of the planned HR burn in Lidsdale will likely commence end of this month (subject to weather conditions). The planned burn area is in compartment 5010 (see map attached)and will not affect your MTB tracks. However, please be advised that:

· During the day of the burn the whole forest might be closed and access might be restricted.

· After the burn the affected areas will be closed to the public for safety reasons (falling limbs, trees etc.)

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CTMBC club kit order

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A few people have been asking about another order for jersey, nix and other apparel so I've set up another order with Champion Systems.

The good news is you now order and pay for what you want yourself and at the end of the month it all ships together and I distribute it from there.

To place an order go to

and the team log in is
user: ctmbc
password: ctmbc

there is a 3D preview of the xc jersey here

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rydal 3 hour today

perfect weather for todays 3 hour at Rydal top temp of 25 degrees entries from 12 o clock race start 2 o clock

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Junior Devlepment program

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With the ever increasing popularity of our Tuesday afternoon races and more and more juniors keen to join in the action, Central Tablelands Mountain Bike club is now offering a junior development program for kids of all ages.

A fully supervised mini track will be set up at the showground and the kids will be supervised through a bunch of fun activities designed to be fun while improving their skill and fitness.

Parents a free to walk or ride around the trail with the kids as they build confidence, or you could always join the action on the big track.

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4 Seasons Summer Double header online entries open

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Due to the Autumn round being canceld for bad weather we have a double header for this one.
Saturday the 6th is the Summer 3hr and Sunday the 7th the Autumn in Summer 3hr
The one entry fee of $50 (solos) gets you entry to either or both of the days (You only have to enter once)

Camping will be available at the Rydal Show ground for the Saturday night with a roast dinner available in the Showground hall (please indicate if you wish to purchase a dinner so we can organise the catering)

For full details, times and the like follow the links in the calendar

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Tour de Range entries open

Good news. the on line entries for the Tour de Range charity cycle ride are open

You can jump straight to the entry system here

or check out all the details on the calendar by following this link

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Tuesday Night racing is Back!@

It's Baaa ack.

Tuesday Night Racing at Rydal.

Check out the calendar for details but we plan to kick off 9th September,

Also don't forget the Spring 3hr is coming up too

We also have a state DH on the 20th 21 September and we need volunteers so if you can spare the week \end, a day or a few hours please get in touch and let me know

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Tuesday Night racing hiatus

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With dwindling numbers and no one really wanting to sit out in the cold to time we are going to finish up with the Tuesday racing for a bit.

Now, if you're like me you'll still need your Tuesday night Mountain bike fix and traditionally over the winter period we've continued through with social rides.

This also gives us a chance to get out and ride other trails (there are some great night riding spots around our area)

So keep an eye on the calendar as the rides wont always be at Rydal and meeting times might change to allow for extra travel time if needed.

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CTMBC newsletter 13-5-14

We are renewing the newletter you'll find them in handbook section under the "About" Tab

The direct link is here

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State DH round change of date

Just got word from Rocky Trails that They have had to swap dates for our DH round.

It will now move forward to become round #2

Round 2 Lithgow, NSW NEW DATE: 20 + 21 September 2014

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2014 CTMBC Enter the darkness #4 results

Check them over as there was some numbers in the system missing names

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Vandles attacking Pony Express DH

Vandals have attacked the Pony Express DH Mountain bike trail.

Apparently the wooden ramp down the frying pan section has been removed (Lucky the young kids who discovered it didn't break their necks)

Star pickets ripped out and placed points sticking up, nail traps spread around.

The art work on the pavers stolen

Riders please take care and spread the word we have malicious nutters are about.
We need to organise a rebuild

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Come and try for free

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Once again Central Tablelands are offing a come and try program for our Tuesday afternoon cross country races at Rydal.

Basically if it is your first race we cover the cost of your race entry and day license. So you get to come out and have a go to see if you like it without forking over any hard earned cash.

Additionally Women and Kids under 15 get free race entry all year, you just need to pay license fees ($20 for a day license or $115 for a yearly senior license, kids as cheap as $30 for under 13s)

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2013 AGM 8-19-13

The 2013 AGM will be held on Tuesday at the Rydal show ground after racing (approx 8pm)

All club office positions will declared vacant and nominations taken and voted on.
So if you feel you can help the club please throw your hand up, it's not hard:o)

President report

Treasury report


AGM close.

General meeting
General Business
If any one has ideas or input feel free to bring them up here.

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CTMBC Tuesday night racing is back

Tuesday night racing is back on every Tuesday at Rydal. Ladies l, kids under 16 race free (licence fees apply)

Come and try incentive is back so if its your first race with our club we will cover your race entry and the cost of a day licence

For More information check out the calendar

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Pony express. Unauthorised trail modifications must stop

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Sometime over the last week someone or someone's had taken it upon themselves to dumb down the trail by hacking off and digging out rocks in two of the more technical areas of our trail. This is not cool.

CTMBC worked for years behind the scenes to get this trail approved. Skinny, Mal, Luke and the team put in a huge effort to get it built. All major works and any changes to features must be approved.

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A big September

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September is set to be a big month for us with the Spring 3hr on the 21st at Rydal and the State Down Hill Championships on the 28th and 29th that the Lithgow Pony Club.

As always we will need volunteers for setup/pack up, marshals, timing and general help if the DH crew can help out with the 3hr and visa versa it would be great. The more volunteers we get the easier it is for every one.

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CTMBC Tuesday Night Winter Series

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The Winter series will be an open ended series thating place at Rydal, For winter we meet t the Show ground

If enough people keep turning up we'll keep running races. If not those hardy souls who do will just go for a ride.

As such I wont clog the calendar with entries

It would be good to keep up the intensity at least until the 3hr but if people are still keen after I'm happy to continue

Ladies and Kids under 16 get free race entry (License fees apply)

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Hazard reduction burn at Rydal

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Just got word from forest that some time soon there will be a hazard reduction burn at Rydal that will effect the northern end of the trails. I have to liaise with the operations manager to find out exactly which bits.

It all hinges on weather conditions so we'll possibly only get a few hours notice so please be aware and stay away from the area if you see the burn in progress. Afterwards avoid entering the affected sections for at least 3 or 4 weeks. This will allow a bit of regeneration and give things time to fall down without squishing people.

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Tuesday night races to start at show ground through Winter

The Rydal show committee has generously agreed to allow us to make use of the show ground for Tuesday Nigh racing through Winter.

This gives us a bit of shelter for timers and BBQ and access to toilets for the ladies.

Its a great testament to the way you guys have looked after the area and kept it clean and tidy after races that the showground committee trust us with this. So big congrats and thank to all our volunteers.

So re capping park at the showground for all Tuesday night races until further notice.

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ctmbc club kit

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For those that haven't been attending the Tuesday Night races and therefore don't know we're doing another order for club kit.
If you are interested have a look at the website the order form is attached to this post. Just fill it out and get it back to me next week
the prices I have listed are rough based on what it ended up costing us last time with the art work added. if there are things you are interested in that I haven't got listed reply here and let me know and others can add their interest.

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Volunteers for the weekend

Hey guys just a reminder we've got a big weekend planned with the 3hr at Rydal on Saturday and a club DH at Pony on Sunday. If people are free to volunteer their time to help set up and run them (DH guys helping with the 3hr, XC guys helping with the DH) that would be great. .

The 3hr starts at 2pm so it would be good to have people there from 12 to help set up rego and what not then track marshal. The DH starts at 10

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4 Seasons 3hr series

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Ah, the end of the quarter, BAS, quarterly tax, paper work... But it wasn't always so.

Remember when life was simple? Remember when you rode your bike to have a good time?
When you rode because it felt good and the company you rode with and the tracks you rode were more important than what bike you choose and how many Ks you did?

Well CTMBC are taking it back.

We're stripping away all the hype and complications and just having a fun series of 3hr races celebrating the seasons.

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Extreme fire Danger All forest closed again across the weekend

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Just got another message from Forest NSW. Despite the cooler conditions today extreme fire danger is predicted across the weekend so please be cool and stay out of forests

I have had to again close all the State Forests in the central west to the public tomorrow and for the weekend (Friday 11 to Sunday 13 January 2013 inclusive), due to the dangerous fire weather predictions.

This includes single track areas at Kinross State Forest and Lidsdale State Forest (Rydal).

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