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Twilight 2014/2015 round 12

Results at let me know if your results are right at the next round

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2014 4 seasons Summer and Autumn in Summer results

Hopefully it lines up with the Webscorer results

And heres hoping we get some nice weather and bigger fields for next year

I have my photos from Sunday on the facebooks

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twilight series

results for round 2 at

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2014 Here comes the Sun #8 results

Results at

thanks to every one for hanging around for the meeting and supporting the club

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here comes the sun 5

unofficial times for round 5 of here comes the sun series can be found on go to find races and enter race id 30228 go to overall results and you can get lap times


official times now attached, Hopelly the match up with phils (Flynny)

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2014 Here comes the Sun #2 results

OK I firstly have to apologise for not getting the results out last week and secondly for having a mind snap and deleting them.... I'll do my best to recover them from the computer but can't promise any thing.

Therefore tonight results are here before I stuff up and loose them too.

Obviously the first lap is wonky but total time should be accurate.

Check them over and let me know if there are any issues

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2014 4 seasons spring results

Ok I think I sorted out the glitches we had at the preso. Results are attacted. If you believe there is an issue with your times or lap count let me know and I'll look into it

Big thanks to Phil for all the work he puts into the series.
Kempy, mick and all our trail fairies

Everyone that helped set up and pack up

The wonderful ladies on the rego desk and timing

Our track marshals, Phil and Hilly.

Wally in first aid

And all of the riders. I think it went down well

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2014 Here comes the Sun #1 results

results from this weeks Clubbie

As always check the results and let me know if you think there is a problem

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2014 DH 6 results

Prelim results are up, let me know if any looks wrong.

Having trouble with the points spreadsheet. will try and sort it out though the week

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2014 CTMBC Enter the darkness #9 and 10 results

Sorry for my slackness. To be honest I was a bit bummed not to be racing and I forgot to upload results.

Congrats to Dukesie for the series win.
Gav was dominating but unfortunately missed a round or two

Some fat bloke slipped into 3rd

Watson showed up every now and then to remind us how slow we are

55 riders across the series

Not bed

Best Mountain Bike