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3 Hour Autumn

Hi Craig, just wondering if you had any dates in mind for the 3hr Autumn race.

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here comes the sun round 12

Results at Rianer should be around 9th 10 or 12th

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2015 CTMBC 4 Season Summer 3hr results

Below is a preview, click to read the full post

Summer 3hr was hot and dusty. Well it is the 4 seasons

Top effort from all involved, especially Matt Cowley who was the only solo rider to get the 9laps in.

Also to Peter Beggs as 4 Seasons Champions with most points for the series.

Huge thanks Phil and Cheryl for all they do behind the scenes to make this series happen
Our other volunteers including the Kemps, the Warrens, the Byrnses and the Partridges.

All our sponsors. Auto pro, Bellies Bikes, Bike Minded, Al Dente (Sorry if I missed anyone, brain is a bit fuzzy)

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