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2015 CTMBC 4 Seasons 3hr Autumn results

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Prelim results are up

Let us know if something doesn't look right

Big thanks to all our volunteers. Finally we got some good weather.

Riders were awesome. I just want to point out that at the end of the day a couple of the parents of the young kids made special mention of the level of politeness, patience, comradery and encouragement out on the trail today.

They said they were worried the kids would hold people up and piss them off but found every one waited for a good spot to pass, called early said thanks and offered encouragement.

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Twilight 2014/2015 round 12

Results at let me know if your results are right at the next round

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2014 4 seasons Summer and Autumn in Summer results

Hopefully it lines up with the Webscorer results

And heres hoping we get some nice weather and bigger fields for next year

I have my photos from Sunday on the facebooks

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twilight series

results for round 2 at

Best Mountain Bike